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Those of us who were rooting for USA to have its first woman President ever were disappointed at Hillary Clinton's loss. Her concession speech gave us hope, strength and at the same time brought tears in our eyes. So lets start there- with her speech- 

"Thank you.

Last night, I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans.

This is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for, and I'm sorry we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country.

But I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together -- this vast, diverse, creative, unruly, energized campaign. You represent the best of America, and being your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

I know how disappointed you feel, because I feel it too. And so do tens of millions of Americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this effort. This is painful, and it will be for a long time. But I want you to remember this: Our campaign was never about one person or even one election. It was about the country we love -- and about building an America that's hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted.

We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. But I still believe in America -- and I always will. And if you do, too, then we must accept this result -- and then look to the future. 

Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. 

Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power, and we don't just respect that, we cherish it. It also enshrines other things -- the rule of law, the principle that we're all equal in rights and dignity, and the freedom of worship and expression. We respect and cherish these things too -- and we must defend them.

And let me add: Our constitutional democracy demands our participation, not just every four years, but all the time. So let's do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear: making our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top; protecting our country and protecting our planet; and breaking down all the barriers that hold anyone back from achieving their dreams. 

We've spent a year and a half bringing together millions of people from every corner of our country to say with one voice that we believe that the American Dream is big enough for everyone -- for people of all races and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for LGBT people, and people with disabilities. 

Our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to build that better, stronger, fairer America we seek. And I know you will. 

I am so grateful to stand with all of you. 

I want to thank Tim Kaine and Anne Holton for being our partners on this journey. It gives me great hope and comfort to know that Tim will remain on the front-lines of our democracy, representing Virginia in the Senate. 

To Barack and Michelle Obama: Our country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude for your graceful, determined leadership, and so do I. 

To Bill, Chelsea, Marc, Charlotte, Aidan, our brothers, and our entire family, my love for you means more than I can ever express. 

You crisscrossed this country on my behalf and lifted me up when I needed it most -- even four-month old Aidan traveling with his mom. 

I will always be grateful to the creative, talented, dedicated men and women at our headquarters in Brooklyn and across our country who poured their hearts into this campaign. For you veterans, this was a campaign after a campaign -- for some of you, this was your first campaign ever. I want each of you to know that you were the best campaign anyone has had.

To all the volunteers, community leaders, activists, and union organizers who knocked on doors, talked to neighbors, posted on Facebook - even in secret or in private: Thank you. 

To everyone who sent in contributions as small as $5 and kept us going, thank you. 

And to all the young people in particular, I want you to hear this. I've spent my entire adult life fighting for what I believe in. I've had successes and I've had setbacks -- sometimes really painful ones. Many of you are at the beginning of your careers. You will have successes and setbacks, too. 

This loss hurts. But please, please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. It's always worth it. And we need you keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives. 

To all the women, and especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me, I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. 

I know that we still have not shattered that highest glass ceiling. But some day someone will -- hopefully sooner than we might think right now.

And to all the little girls watching right now, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world. 

Finally, I am grateful to our country for all it has given me. 

I count my blessings every day that I am an American. And I still believe, as deeply as I ever have, that if we stand together and work together, with respect for our differences, strength in our convictions, and love for this nation -- our best days are still ahead of us. 

You know I believe we are stronger together and will go forward together. And you should never be sorry that you fought for that. 

Scripture tells us: "Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap, if we do not lose heart."

My friends, let us have faith in each other. Let us not grow weary. Let us not lose heart. For there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do. 

I am incredibly honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election. May God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Hillary "

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Personally, my vote to Hillary was because I felt that she was in every way capable of holding the most revered office of this great nation. I don't know of a single woman or man who voted for Hillary because she is a woman. We were just happy to be getting the first woman President in the bargain, that is all. Hillary's concession speech brought tears in the eyes of many, especially the part where she says, "I know that we still have not shattered that highest glass ceiling. But some day someone will -- hopefully sooner than we might think right now." That statement brings me to Seth Meyers of NBC's late night show. Again, it was a teary moment when he addressed the future first woman president of America. You have to hear this to feel it- 
(All credits to- Late Night with Seth Meyers)
Again, I feel I need to reiterate that voting for Hillary was never about voting for having the first woman President of America. It was about proving as a nation that women when held against the same standards of character and capability as men, can rise just as high, it was about breaking that glass ceiling. And that is where we lost, for as many have pointed out, if Hillary had been caught on tape bragging about grabbing men, if she had evaded federal taxes for over a decade, if she had displayed the kind of temperament that Donald Trump constantly showed as being a part of his personality, if she had avoided putting forth concrete policies, if she had launched her campaign on rhetoric/ on voicing people's deepest (not necessarily true) fears- THEN if she had lost, it would be about an undeserving candidate losing. Today, sadly, when Hillary lost, it is about the truth that the world's most forward-thinking nation is not ready to accept a woman as a President. 

Either that or we accept that Van Jones is right when he says, "this was a white lash". Watch it and tell me if either way, there isn't this sinking feeling that America lost.


There is another aspect to Donald Trump's success in obtaining the highest office of the land. We may be struggling to explain to our daughters exactly how does corruption allegation against Hillary and a desire for change outweigh the towering sense of entitlement that Trump stands for- to the extent that he feels he can grab women at will, pay no federal taxes, let go of no grudges, insult women often- over looks, over weight and to add to all that his complete lack of elegance/ sophistication or temperament to hold the most revered office. However, it is worse for our boys- for all they see is that here is someone who feels no obligation to pay federal tax even as he himself becomes a billionaire, shows no respect to veterans even as he himself wiggles out of getting recruited, shows no respect to women even though he himself is a father/ husband, bullies fellow candidates even as he himself lays down no clear policies, and yet he gets away with it all- to become the President elect of the greatest nation on earth. Welcome to the world of reality TV where the Kardashians rule and Trump becomes the President of world's most powerful country! I told my son that never think that you can show all sorts of disrespect to all sorts of people- women, handicaps, minorities, veterans and yet be successful in life (pardon all the repetitions, but I feel we need to process this over and over) . 

ALL MOTHERS OF SONS, LET'S PLEDGE TO NEVER RAISE A DONALD TRUMP, even as we embrace one as our president!!

Talking of embracing Donald Trump as a President, that we must do- because that is the outcome of a completely democratic process. It is only fair that we accept it. However, for every policy that we do not agree with henceforth, for every bad behavior that we see at the White House, you bet, raise our voice we will. As far as taking action against the outcome, no we mustn't, because half the nation has made it amply clear that Donald Trump is their choice as our leader. We must respect that. In fact, and I speak from my heart when I say that there is no point in trying to convince the other half of our point of view- because right now, we have to bank heavily on theirs- to be able to give Trump a fair chance. He is our President elect, we believe in democracy and we root for its success. May Trump prove to be an excellent president!

By Sonal Kulshrestha (Writer and founder of desideewar)


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