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Anisha Singh, MD

We talk about courage of Leaders who have gone before us. We talk about courage of our freedom fighters. We talk about courage of Oprah- how she overcame all her hurdles and became the person she is today, the celebrity, the woman, and the entrepreneur. We talk of ‘Nirbhaya’ and her courage in her last hours. We talk of courage in the face of adversity. It seems like courage is a skill that is displayed by the common man in the face of adversity but could there be a deeper meaning of courage? Could there be a more everyday practical meaning of courage? Could we use this term for ourselves in our daily lives? 

Yes, we can. Courage is a quality in all of us all the time, though, we may choose to use it only in times of dire needs. But how could we define courage in a way that we can truly experience it daily within us. 

Courage is when we listen to our heart, instead of our mind. Mind follows rules, mind is analytic and practical but heart sings our very own unique song. If we can have the courage to sing our very own unique song, will that not be the most courageous act? What could be more courageous than opening our heart for the world to see, exposing our deepest desires, our craziest dreams, our ‘bigness’? The funny part is that the more we display such courage, the more the universe conspires to meet us at a place where our dreams become a reality. 

Courage is when we tell our deepest pain and cry our heart out. There is this cultural limiting belief that crying is weak. If you think crying is weakness, then try crying today in front of people. You will realize the enormous amount of courage you will need to bare your soul, to show your pain, to be open to judgment and confusion. In fact not only is crying courageous, but holding space for someone who is in tears is also courageous. How many times, when our kids cry, we tell them to stop, not because we don’t care for them but because their crying is uncomfortable for us, we want them to ‘stop’! Why? Because if we can barely handle our own tears, how can we handle another’s tears. What if all we did was hold our child lovingly, looked them right in their eyes and said, ‘I understand’. What then? Will the crying never stop? It will still stop, maybe a few minutes later but the child would have felt a love, a support that he/she was asking for in their tears. So next time, when you feel like crying, CRY! Let the tears roll and the magic begin.

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Courage is when we truly express ourselves. Not in a way that is demeaning to people but in a way which is respectful to us. Again the cultural limiting belief is to remain quiet when something or someone is disturbing or to express oneself in ways that is critical of others. How can ‘being quiet’ be of any service to anyone? No true change can come from being quiet. No real relationship can be built from being silent. This is especially true in a husband and wife or in-laws relationship. Lack of communication is a weakness, not strength. If you think staying quiet is courageous, then try expressing to your mother-in-law, in the most respectful and kind way, your true feelings- not a round about way of getting things but a sincere direct way! It is an act of courage. Now some people will go to the other extreme. They will ‘speak the truth’ but they say, ‘truth is always bitter’. Speaking truth in a bitter unkind way is also a weak act. Anyone can do that when forced into a corner. But can you speak your truth but only from a loving place within you? That is an act of courage!

So try one act of courage today. May be, commit to one act of courage a day. If that is too much, try one courageous act a week. Try following your heart today. If your heart says, I want to take a nap, take a nap. If your heart says, I don’t want to really go to that party, skip the party. Try opening your heart, baring your soul to someone today. If someone asks,’ How are you?’, don’t just say, ‘I am good’. Try saying,’Hmm.. not feeling so upbeat today’ or ‘I am very happy today ‘cos I got promoted’ or ‘I am not sure’. Well, anything but ‘I am good’ ‘cos that’s really not that courageous anymore. Is it? Try holding loving space for your child or teenager today when they get angry or teary or moody. Just send them loving energy and be there for them in your loving without any expectations. Wow! That takes a lot of courage. Trust me! I have two kids and I have tried it and I must say sometimes I get weak and fail miserably and other times I remain in my loving, holding space for their tears and the whole thing just dissolves like magic and then I know I have been courageous today Yeah!!!!!

Good luck to you and to me Live a courageous day!  

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Anisha Singh,MD is a physician/ actress/ certified holistic nutritionist/ certified holistic health counselor. She is a physician with a holistic approach to life. She has done Internal Medicine residency, Women's Health fellowship & is a certified holistic Nutritionist. She is also a certified mindful eating expert and is trained in sexual health. Currently she is doing her master's in Spiritual psychology. 

For all her degrees, what excites Anisha the most today is being true to herself and her inner calling! She is passionate about acting and community service. Her acting career just started this year and she is having a blast:) She is a wellness chair at a non-profit organization ( Asian Community Alliance) and has been instrumental in setting up programs for Indian seniors and Bhutanese refugee community. The love of her life is Manish ( her husband of 19 years) and her 2 beautiful kids and she is most thankful to her mother-in-law for supporting her through all her adventures! They live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her motto in life- 'love is the answer to everything'.

Needless to say, Mrs. Singh is well qualified to answer any question you may have, be it about health, fitness, weight management, diet or on personal life and issues you face in life! Ask here or email at

ask anisha anything

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