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By Anisha Singh, MD


My daughter came home from school one day saying that she gets asked questions on spirituality a lot. She said she is supposedly the 'go-to' person on the topic as she comes from the land of 'spiritual people' or the land where 'spirituality' originated. We are proud of the fact that spirituality as we know it originated from India, that it is India's gift to the world. But honestly, my daughter is clueless about how to answer that question. So what really is spirituality? Could you provide a simple explanation of the concept that is easy for the kids to not only comprehend, but also to be able to explain it back- after all, we do come from the 'land of spirituality'.

- A Mother From Texas

The very word spirituality invokes such complicated and confusing feelings in people. On top of that there is so much confusion around religion and spirituality. Is it one and the same thing? If it is different, what is the difference and why? Also there is fear around the word spiritual. If I become spiritual or my spouse becomes spiritual, then I will somehow get so detached from everyone that I would want to leave home and live in some ashram. There is also certain expectations from the person who claims to be spiritual- the spiritual person must mediate, must be always calm and peaceful, must be into yoga, must be well read in all scriptures etc..

So I would like to offer a simple meaning to Spirituality. The meaning that our scriptures talk about. The meaning Kirshna talks about. The meaning Jesus talked about. The meaning that all true spiritual master- contemporary or traditional talk about. The meaning is simple-

The true meaning of spirituality is…… are you ready???

LOVE. Yes, what a bummer! All the search, all the meditation, all the knowledge to learn this one word? Yes, my sweet wonderful soul friends, that is all there is to spirituality- LOVE.

Sounds simple? Feels easy? Now try to feel it for the person you hate the most today. Bring that person into your mind- form his/her mental image. Can you see her/him? Can you feel all the unjust things he/she did to you? Can you feel your blood boiling? Can you feel the pain they caused you? Now can you go into the very depth of your heart and find the loving within you? Hard? Ok, think of a person/animal that generates absolute feeling of love within you. Bring that loving feeling to your heart and now when your heart is full of love, shower the mental image of the person you hate the most with that love. Only love. No if, and or buts. No justification for your pain. Just love. The day you can do that to all the people you claim have ‘hurt’ you, you would have become truly spiritual.

Underneath all the knowledge, all the teachings, all the rituals, all the Vedas, there is nothing but LOVE because GOD is ALL LOVE.

The question then becomes, what kind of love. The love that a child and mother share? The love of a woman for a man? Sexual love? Romantic love? Yes, that is all loving feelings too but have you noticed how transitory they are? Today you are ‘in love’ and tomorrow you can’t imagine being together. Today mommy loves you to death and tomorrow mommy is so disappointed in you that she expresses anything but love.

The spiritual love, the love that you are, is ever present- unconditional, always accepting, non-judgmental. That means you are loving towards your cleaning lady as much as you are towards your baby. That means you’re loving towards your acquaintances as much as you are towards your spouse. Love is not a commodity you offer to some and withhold from others. It is ever present within you, ever flowing from you. Only you can choose to stop the flow. In fact it is going against your very nature to stop this flow of love. And the most incredible part is that this ‘well of Love’ never empties out. The only way to not feel loved is to withhold love. Is that not a paradox? So if you want to feel the flow of love, let it flow out of you freely- all the time, every time, everywhere and you will feel this incredible fullness of love within you. So to be spiritual means to be full of love- the more you give out, the more you receive, not from others but from your own being and soon this world will feel like an incredibly loving place.

Now talking about love, brings me your heart chakra. Is your heart chakra open? Hmm…We will talk about that next time. But for the time being, let’s keep it simple-

LOVE is the only true meaning of spirituality. Religion is just one of the way to reach the loving within you. Do not get caught up in the rituals simply for the sake of rituals. The rituals are a means to an end and not an end in itself.

True spirituality is practiced while surrounding oneself with family and friends. Anyone can stay in an ashram, meditate all day and be in their loving. A truly spiritual person enjoys the company of all his/her friends/acquaintances/family/strangers ‘cos all she/he sees is love, all she/he feels is love and all she/he is being is LOVE.

So go out, have fun in life and BE LOVE - BE SPIRITUAL

(next time we will talk about simple ways to reside in your loving all day everyday-for most part:)

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Anisha Singh,MD is a physician/ actress/ certified holistic nutritionist/ certified holistic health counselor.  She is a physician with a holistic approach to life. She has done Internal Medicine residency, Women's Health fellowship & is a certified holistic Nutritionist. She is also a certified mindful eating expert and is trained in sexual health. Currently she is doing her master's in Spiritual psychology.

 For all her degrees, what excites Anisha the most today is being true to herself and her inner calling! She is passionate about acting and community service. Her acting career just started this year and she is having a blast:) She is a wellness chair at a non-profit organization ( Asian Community Alliance) and has been instrumental in setting up programs for Indian seniors and Bhutanese refugee community. The love of her life is Manish ( her husband of 19 years) and her 2 beautiful kids and she is most thankful to her mother-in-law for supporting her through all her adventures! They live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her motto in life- 'love is the answer to everything'.

Needless to say, Mrs. Singh is well qualified to answer any question you may have, be it about health, fitness, weight management, diet or on personal life and issues you face in life! Ask here or email at

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