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Do you ever find yourself wondering and pondering over what truly is the purpose of your life? Like life is beckoning you to explore and open new doors? Do you feel restless, like you are getting a chance that you aren't seeing and taking? Do you feel that life, in its own mysterious ways, is knocking on your door? Say, I do see the "offered" chance and am ready to unlock new doors- but how? 

- Restless In Richland, NJ

We asked Anisha Singh, MD, a  physician, a certified holistic nutritionist, a certified holistic health counselor, a certified mindful eating expert who is also trained in sexual health and spiritual psychology.

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Recently there have been increased cases of burglaries and home invasions in the homes of Indian- Americans. Could you put some information on desideewar regarding the kind of options we have with respect to security installations around the house and what are things to ask for or look out for when approaching a security company (like to sound  knowledgeable when talking to them).  

- Concerned Dad from Texas

We asked a Home Security Expert, Tim Gurkin, President of Gurkin Security Systems. 

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My daughter came home from school one day saying that she gets asked questions on spirituality a lot. She said she is supposedly the 'go-to' person on the topic as she comes from the land of 'spiritual people' or the land where 'spirituality' originated. We are proud of the fact that spirituality as we know it originated from India, that it is India's gift to the world. But honestly, my daughter is clueless about how to answer that question. So what really is spirituality? Could you provide a simple explanation of the concept that is easy for the kids to not only comprehend, but also to be able to explain it back- after all, we do come from the 'land of spirituality'.

- A Mother From Texas

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Question On Relationship With Mother-in-law:

My husband and I have been married for 10 years. We have a wonderful relationship and I love his family too. I share an awesome relationship with his mother and sister, but there is something that bothers me. When my mother visits us, she sleeps in late while I give breakfast to my kids, drop them to school, fix my lunch and leave for work. I never even thought two times about the fact that she wakes up only after I leave for work. But last two times while she was visiting my sister-in-law during her visit, I saw a totally different side of my mother-in-law. I saw that she wakes up early in the morning, makes breakfast for the kids, packs lunch for my sister-in-law and her husband and sees them all off as they leave for breakfast and work. That really hurt me. I never brought it up with my husband or anyone else. Like I said, I love him and his family a lot. I have lot of love and respectfor my mother-in-law too, but now, every time I look at her I see this person who is capable of such partiality. What should I do? 

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 Neerja said:

I love the desideewar concept and think it does a great job keeping the desi world aware of the going-ons back in their home country and also what's happening in the desi community abroad. I particularly love reading desifitness and people who inspire! Sometimes, even though I have heard the news elsewhere, I try to check out desideewars view point on the topic. Keep up the good job desideewar team!

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