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Movie Info- BANG BANG

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa, Pavan Malhotra, Jimmy Shergill, Deepti Naval, Kanwaljit Singh, Javed Jaffrey.

Director: Siddharth Anand

Producer: Fox International

Distributors: Fox Star Studios

An action packed thriller from the Hindi film industry produced and distributed by Fox Star Studios- that's Bang Bang for you!

An official remake (yes, complete with credits) of the Hollywood film Knight and Day that stared Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz- that's Bang Bang for you!

A visual treat- that's Bang Bang for you!

Enough of tag lines. Let's get down to the crux of the matter.

Since the movie is an official remake of a Hollywood movie and it is produced and distributed by Fox International, it released in the US in most of the regular American theater, at least in big cities like Dallas, Houston, Chicago and the likes.

Before we start about how the movie actually is, lets talk about the hype surrounding it's promotion. Apparently, in order to promote his movie, Hrithik Roshan issued a series of challenges to other tinsel town top actors who happily obliged, thankful for an opportunity to tie in their own releases to the accepted dare. Shah Rukh was asked to reveal his favorite abs excercise. SRK obliged by revealing his entire exercise regime in a video. Ranveer Singh was asked to step out of his car and wave at his fans- he did so at Bandra, dressed in black, dancing to 'Mein Isa Kyo Houn'- a tribute to Hrithik himself (see video on right). Shraddha Kapoor was made to sing without make-up- she sang a song from 'Haider', her new release. Aamir Khan was dared to remove the PK transistor , which he did! Except that he was fully clothed!

Got to say, very innovative marketing by all!  

(Photo Credit: Fox Star Studios, Video Credits: Fox Star Hindi)

 (Knight and Day trailer credit: 20th Century Fox, click to subscribe to them.)

(Video Credit below: Ranveer Singh)

MOVIE REVIEW: BANG BANG                                                                                                              

Four things I have to say about the movie- 

#1. The Visuals-

Alright I said that the movie is a visual treat, but I can't really leave it at that. There's so much more to say on the topic. 'Visual treat' includes-

  •  Beautiful charismatic personalities with bodies to match in practically every frame (yes, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif) and 
  • Out of the world locations- Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Greece, Prague and also Shimla and Manali of India.
The latter you have to see it to believe it. As for the former, Hrithik and Katrina looked every bit magnetic and captivating as you would expect them to look, but (yes, there is a but), here's the thing- I personally felt that 'ripeness' is gone from Hrithik's chiseled torso (in comparison to his Dhoom 2 body version) and face. He looks good, don't get me wrong, but he's over doing whatever it is he is doing to his body. Any naturalness seems to be gone. As for Katrina, at some point, you feel that the movie seems to be a series of her close-up portfolio shots- in shower and out of it. Agreed she is alluringly youthful and unquestionably ravishing, but way tooo... much time and screen space is spent in showcasing that. Hindi movies have got to stop objectifying women like this- for it seems nothing short of just that. In fact, the same is true for Hrithik too- his body is no less objectified. Really? Does action alone not sell with the desi audience?

#2. The Action-

The action sequences in the movie are almost at par with it's Hollywood counterpart. As per a report on TOI, Hrithik and Katrina did the stunts themselves. The makers roped in Andy Armstrong (a Hollywood action director of The Amazing Spider Man 2 fame) to deliver the breath-taking, death-defying stunts.

#3. The Desi Angle-

The three points that distinguish the 'desi' version from the original version are-

  1. The humongous focus on body and sensuality ( as mentioned above)- don't like it!
  2. The songs and the dances- like it! like it! Hrithik's dancing skills are as 'ripe' as ever, his moves are smooth, effortless and yes, will use the term a visual treat here too. The songs. mostly Vishal-Shekar compositions, are beautiful. The title track, Bang Bang, is again what makes this movie a visual treat (there's the term again, I know).
  3. The family angle- don't want to reveal the story line- but yes, there's a ma, a dadi ma and more. Deepti Naval looks beautiful and graceful (would love to see her in many more movies) lending an elegant desi angle.

#4. The Missing ....

Two things the movie is missing- 

1. Any real acting talent- Both Hrithik and Katrina have been kept busy in displaying her physical beauty throughout the length of the movie, hence they seem distracted from showcasing their true acting prowess, especially Katrina (if she has any, that is). In fact, she has done well when the movie starts, but somewhere along the story, once she falls in love, she is reduced to talking cute, making you wonder why?

2. A good chemistry- we know from watching 'Jodha Akbar' that two overly beautiful people can display supremely believable chemistry. Nope- that didn't happen here.


The original, Knight And Day of 2010, also distributed by Fox, had grossed $76,423,035 at the box office in the domestic market and $261,930,436 worldwide as per Box Office Mojo. Seeing that it's production budget was $ 117 million, it might not have fared too well at the box office, but at least the two lead actors, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, did an awesome job- the comic timing made for good comedy, the chemistry clicked and the pace of the movie was superb. In comparison, the 'desi' version (budgeted at about $ 20 million, we hear) seems dragged out, overly sensualized, definitely too long but 'isme ma hai' (this has mother) :). 

All that said, again, watch it for the "visual treat" - the bodies, the locations and the action! Plus, it does make a good enough family watch. The movie will become a success anyway, you might as well be able to give your views or reviews to your friends.

Records set by the movie: 

As Wikipedia points out, the movie has set various new records. These being-

  • For the first time, Fly board stunt was done in a Bollywood or Hollywood film making Hrithik Roshan the first actor to do a fly boarding stunt in a film.
  • This is the first film to be shot and co-produced in Abu Dhabi.
  • Hrithik was paid 30 crore for the film, the highest amount any actor in India had charged up front.
  • The film was released in about 5100 screens worldwide, the biggest release for an Indian film.
  • Bang Bang! collected INR76.85 lakh (US$120,000) in day one in Pakistan and became the highest opener in the country’s box office history.

(You may visit the Wikipedia link above to see their source)

How Is the Movie Doing? 

Bang Bang has made Rs 94.13 crore at the domestic box-office by day four, becoming the 7th highest grosser of 2014 as per The movie broke Krishh 3's (also Hrithik's) record of maximum release day collection.

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What Others Are Saying About the Movie: 

 Deccan Chronicle: 

It’s pure Hrithik porn. Go swoon. It goes as far as to say, "Ya, all else in this film is “extra”. An accessory either to complete the scenery that frames Hrithik, or an item for Hrithik to grab and kiss, or shoot and kill." And to be honest, we can hardly disagree with respect to Hrithik. Not about Katrina though.

The Hindu: 

Bang Bang is so full of deja vu moments of Bollywood cliches that it is only a technicality that it’s a remake of Knight and Day.

The Hindustan Times: 

Hrithik's bang bang is as mindless as playing air guitar. It is a mindless remake where the lead actor looks engrossed and too careful about creating a brand image. He believes whatever he is doing is going to be applauded by the audience.


True to its utterly unimaginative title, Bang Bang makes a hell of a lot of ear-splitting noise. By the end of it all, it manages to produce no more than a croaky, barely palatable whimper.


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