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In January of this year, Deepica Mutyala (yes, she writes Deepica with a 'c'), a YouTube Beauty Expert, uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, deepicam. The video, How to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles, went viral. getting over 4 million views within a month. That caught NBC's attention and landed her on NBC's Today show. On Feb 24th, Deepica Mutlaya made an appearance on the Today's show where she got to explain the how and the why of her tutorial that has 'ignited viral beauty sensation'.

So, how do you mask the dark circles under the eyes?

As Deepica explained on the NBC show, applying a bright red color lipstick underneath your eyes before applying concealer neutralizes the dark circles more effectively. Watch her YouTube video to see how-

How does it work?

According to Deepica, dark circles are usually blue or green in tone. If you look at a primary color wheel, the exact opposite of those colors are oranges and reds. Hence oranges and red help neutralize the dark circles.  

(Video Credit: Deepica Mutyala)

The same technique can be applied to mask red or blotchy spots with green-ish colors. For lighter skin tones, you need to use more peachy hues.  

We say... 

It is always interesting to see videos go viral. Our interest is further roused if the subject of attention is an Indian American or as in this case, it is nothing to do with the beauty expert being an Indian American. It is about what she has to say that everyone, irrespective to skin color and race, wants to know about. This is what mainstream is about. Mutyala admits that she picked up the technique from professional makeup artists. It is not a technique that she herself invented, but it is she who caused it to go viral. she is the messenger. It is her time to shine through it. Deepica Mutyala is an inspiration to hundreds of young Indian American bloggers and YouTube-stars-wannabe who put themselves out there in the hope of success. Your day will come too.

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