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Nine year old creates the website- www.desideewar.com

Posted by Sonal Kulshrestha on Saturday, May 25, 2013, In : How desideewar started 

My son, Rohun, 9 at the time, is very interested in the desideewar facebook page. This was back in Oct of last year. He comes up with lots of new ideas for the page, but what he is most interested in is creating a website for it. He keeps telling me that he wants to create one, but I’m not really interested. I’m really only thinking about having a facebook page for fun, interesting and inspirational news from the desi world- I’m not really thinking about a website. Rohun, on the other h...

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My kids get involved

Posted by Sonal Kulshrestha on Saturday, May 11, 2013, In : How desideewar started 
When we started last year, my daughter, Raashi was 13 years old and son, Rohun, 9. Raashi was the one who suggested that we name the page ‘desideewar’, all lower case and one word. She quickly comes up with the cover picture for the desideewar page. Rohun takes care of the profile picture. He asks me for all my colorful dupattas. “Mommy, can I have all of your colorful ‘thingys’ that you wear around your neck“, he says. He places them all in a decorative wall piece that we have in...
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