It's said (say-er unknown), if a man expects his women to be an angel in his life, then he should first create a heaven for her. And who better to 'coach' our sons than us, their mothers? After all, women understand women the best, right?

Ever since I wrote on 'Conversations With My Son' in my blog, my friend and I make it a point to discuss our conversations with our respective sons, with each other. Her son, at 15, is a really well mannered and a loving young man. She told me that when she shared with him my son's story on my blog regarding holding the door for women, it definitely registered with him. When the two of them went out for their weekly mother son dinner date, he held open the door of the restaurant for her and jokingly said, "Mommy, look, I'm already doing it".

So the other day, my friend picked up her teenage son from school and even though he had a busy evening, she told him they absolutely had to make a stop to pick up an eye makeup remover. She explained to him that it's quintessential item for a girl and that she totally needs one as she's out of it. He didn't mind making the stop, didn't seem to care much about the need for the item, but nonetheless asked her what she has been using since been out of it. My friend described the process of substitution that involves using Pond's cold cream followed by washing with water since it leaves greasy residues. Watching her son nod, she asked if he was just politely nodding or actually listening, and he goes, "Mom, I get  it". And that was mom's cue for quickly taking the opportunity of instilling in her son the 'awareness' about understanding what women want. She told him that when he has a girl friend/ wife, and she needs to make that quick stop to pick an eye makeup remover, make sure the answer is, "Sweetie, I get it".  They both laughed, she was rewarded with a frown, but she could tell that she had driven home a point beyond being patient while his mom shopped to pick up an eye makeup remover.