How we started?                   

We have a Bunco group here in Flower Mound, Texas. We gather once a month, taking turns to host the evening over delicious food and a really fun game, Bunco- a game of dice. We have been doing this for over seven years now. So I met this very cheerful lady through Bunco who became a good friend. She would always compliment me on my outfits and sense of dressing. Over the years she often suggested that I start my own fashion blog. One evening she went a step ahead. She even recommended a name for my blog. “Deewar- like The Wall, get it?” she said enthusiastically. In the past, my response mostly varied between an embarassed laugh and a pleased thank you. This time though, in response, I said, “Yes, I should call it desideewar”. Of course, I didn’t think my sense of fashion was good enough to run a blog. But the name ‘desideewar’ stuck. Now I had this catchy interesting name, so I had to do something with it. I soon started a facebook page. I had not given much thought to how I wanted the name displayed. My then 12 year old daughter, Raashi, wrote it down as one word, all small letters. So that was that- we started desideewar as- ‘The wall that brings fun, interesting and inspirational news from the desi world”. That was July 2012.