We were returning from our spring break trip from Boston (wonderful place, but another topic all together). My husband got one upgrade to first class. And obviously I took it (after all, Moms need that break, right?) Anyway, so as the flight attendant comes by, after much deliberation in my head as to what drink I should ask for to utilize the full value of taking the seat from my husband, I say, 'Vodka with Cranberry juice, please'. I was expecting a 'Sure'/ 'No problem'/ 'Here, Mam' or even 'No, we don't have it'. What I was totally unprepared for was, "May I please see your Photo ID?"

Now, I have no illusions about my looks. I'm a mother of a teenage daughter. So obviously, I think not that I look under 21, hugely pleasing though that might be. So I wonder if she's suspicious about my identity, and perhaps suspects that I wriggled out the privilege of the coveted first class seat from my husband. But surely that's not an issue? I do it every single time, after all. Nobody minds that- that's my prerogative! It's a 'reward' that my husband has earned and is happy to pass on to me. I like to think of it as a gift that I very graciously accept! All these thoughts cross my mind in a matter of seconds while I fish out my driver's license. It's back to- I do this every time. Nobody has questioned me before. But this time I asked for Vodka as opposed to my 'chai' that I forever yen for. Hmm, could it really be the drink? Finally, I had over the card to her and casually put forth my question, "So are you often required to check the photo ID?"

(You would not believe this....)

Seriously, you wouldn't believe the flight attendant's response to my question. She responds- "we are required to check photo id before serving alcohol to people who look under (get this...) 45 years of age" (I kid not...).

That was an information I did not know- and so the purpose of the blog, it's a 'good-to-know' kind of information. I was truly flabbergasted. And judging by the response of my fellow first class flyers, I wasn't the only one. Of course, can't argue I would qualify there, but really? 45? The guy next to me goes, "And you think I'm OVER 45? You didn't ask for mine?" Another guy went, "Trust me I'm not 45 either." The flight attendant laughs and so do everyone else. But seriously, 45 is a long way away from 21. "How safe do you possibly want to play?", I say. She quite simply replies that she has actually seen people looking 30 when they're 20 and hence getting away with consuming alcohol. But seriusly, 45 is a lonnnggggg way from 21. My neighbor tells me, "Next time, you should take offence if you're NOT asked to show you're photo ID. Don't know about that, but I do know this, there ain't any reason to feel flattered either, for now we know- we only need to look under 45 to get asked for our photo id when asking for an alcohoilc beverage. Apparently they believe in playing rreeeaaaalllllyyyyyy safe!!! Or perhaps, it still is a little bit of a compliment, maybe the lighting, or your 'youthful spirit' prompted the request, until you look her full on the face and the devleoping wrinkles become clearly visible :)