When we started last year, my daughter, Raashi was 13 years old and son, Rohun, 9. Raashi was the one who suggested that we name the page ‘desideewar’, all lower case and one word. She quickly comes up with the cover picture for the desideewar page. Rohun takes care of the profile picture. He asks me for all my colorful dupattas. “Mommy, can I have all of your colorful ‘thingys’ that you wear around your neck“, he says. He places them all in a decorative wall piece that we have in the art niche of our hallway and takes a picture. So now we have the facebook page, profile picture and the cover picture.

I know I want desideewar to reflect what its’ name suggests. A wall (deewar) where you could get fun, interesting and inspirational news from the desi world.  These days all on-line news paper links are full of stories about what politicians say or don’t say or what they do or don’t do. Either that, or murder stories that totally bring you down. Living in America, we want to keep in touch with news from India, but it was getting increasingly difficult to keep yourself abreast with the interesting and inspirational stories. There weren’t many sites that catered to the Indian American perspective. I want desideewar to be a place to ‘give’ as much as a place to ‘get’ information. A place where we together share information that pertains to us. Kind of like a online wall (read forum)-  where you and I scribble stuff.

Here I am, talking out my ideas out loud, and Raashi suggests that we do fundraising together, as a desi community. She said desi community in America is not particularly known as an overly ‘giving’ community. I instantly love the idea. I know we all do our share individually, but it would be wonderful to raise money for various different causes together. Raashi wants to go with ‘Race for the cure’ since we participate every year in their 5K walks. It’s a cause close to our heart since we know of people close to us who have been affected by Breast cancer. Rohun is keen on Red Cross for they help people facing disasters all over the world. We decide to go with some global charities that benefit the desi world too. We short list ‘Race for the cure’, ‘Red Cross’, 'CRY' and ‘Pratham’.  Raashi comes up with the name, ‘For A Cause. Together.’ She even outlines an elaborate way this will be done, calling it- ‘Bid to Buy. Check to Charity’. I don’t really think people will bid, but decide to go along with it. After all, it was going to be her baby.

And so we are on….