Like I said, my son, now ten year old, is the force behind desideewar- as far as technology goes. I've already talked about how he set up the website for desideewar and how he generated the QR code for it (when we didn't even realize he even knows what that is) on my previous blogs. This Christmas season, he once again showed his "alertness" to technological resources available out there and his enthusiasm to use them.

So my daughter runs the 'For A Cause. Together' segment on desideewar. It's her baby and she gives whatever time she's able to devote to it- mostly to raise funds for various different causes. And now that she's a freshman in high school, she has joined this UNICEF club and so has been wanting to use her segment to raise funds for UNICEF. During Diwali, it was easy, as her original idea of "Mom's-Ladoos-For A Cause" worked just well. For Christmas, she hadn't come up with anything.

Here's where my son comes in. At ten, he's quite a techie and he really keeps his eyes and ears 'open' to what's available to use. Last Sunday, there he's lying down on the couch, not feeling too well. Suddenly he gets up all alert and goes, "Mommy, didi (that's what you address your big sister as in Hindi), did you hear that?". He was referring to an ad on TV that had just finished, that we hadn't heard at all. But for some reason he's all energized, seemingly even forgetting that he's sick. "Remember you want to do some fund raising for Christmas. There're just 14 days to Christmas. Didn't you just see that ad for Booster? It's free", he goes. He gets his sister's  lap-top and quickly goes about setting up this campaign for fund-raising for UNICEF, stopping only to ask his sister questions on what she would want for design, words, etc. And before we know it, he has it all done within an hour. My daughter and I are amazed, impressed, but to be honest, even skeptical. "Who'll even buy the t-shirts?", I say. "We've to at least try, Mommy", he answers.

And that's what we're doing. At least trying :). Do check it out at-

For A Cause. Together.: 14 Days To Christmas

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