My son, Rohun, 9 at the time, is very interested in the desideewar facebook page. This was back in Oct of last year. He comes up with lots of new ideas for the page, but what he is most interested in is creating a website for it. He keeps telling me that he wants to create one, but I’m not really interested. I’m really only thinking about having a facebook page for fun, interesting and inspirational news from the desi world- I’m not really thinking about a website. Rohun, on the other hand, tries hard to sell me the idea. He shows these couple of other websites that he has created. These mainly deal with cars and other stuff that a nine year old would be interested in. I really think he’s kidding me. I don’t believe he has created them, but he shows me how you can use yola templates to design the website and how they provide free hosting as well. I’m really surprised at how much he knows. I give him my permission to create a website for desideewar just because he’s so insistent. And lo and behold is born.

The next few months, Rohun very diligently maintains the desideewar website - copying and pasting my articles over from the facebook page to keep it current. He regularly keeps an eye on the site traffic. Each day he’s disappointed seeing no traffic at all. But where will the traffic come from? Google search on the topic of my write-ups doesn’t pull up my article. The whole content that’s published at the site, is published on the facebook page too. In short, nobody has a reason or the means to visit the site. I can see that Rohun is disappointed. He tells me, “Mommy, can you post your stuff on the website first and not on the facebook”. I say yes, but shame on me, don’t really do it. Finally I can’t see the disappointed look on his face and so when Dr Anisha Singh writes an article for desideewar on yoga along with a video to do Surya Namaskar, I see the opportunity of posting something on the site and the link to it on the facebook page. Rohun shows me how to post you tube video on to the site. That’s the first time we get over 35 site traffic. Of course, Rohun is super excited. He suggests we put the trailer for all the movie reviews on the website as well. I agree. His excitement is contagious. We start to get better traffic every time I do that.

Over the next few months, again, Rohun keeps showing me cool features provided by yola. By now, I’m working on desideewar just for Rohun’s sake- his excitement make me happy. So much so that when he  suggests we become paid customer with yola to get more features, I don’t have the heart to say no. And so we buy their ‘Bronze’ package. That’s the cheapest. I reckon that even if we don’t make a single penny off of desideewar ever, this is a ‘live’ project that my son gets to work on. We’re officially in business now J.

Rohun soon introduces membership in desideewar. He wants special segments for members only. When people submit membership requests, he gets the email, he replies to the requests and he excitedly tells me every time, “Mommy, we got a membership request.” He even creates a form for feedback that he puts on members only tab. I like it but I point out that there are quite a few spelling mistakes on the form. He goes, “Mommy, who cares about spellings? I’m not going to redo it.” I say, “OK.” Guess we’ll have to make do with wrong spellings. The wrong spellings stay.

Then one day Rohun tells me we need a QR code for desideewar. He generates one for me. He makes a flyer advertising desideewar and suggests I leave a bunch or put it up wherever I go- just not in his classes related places where he goes (that would be embarrassing, of course J) My husband sees the flyer and tells him to not copy QR code from anywhere. Rohun promptly demonstrates that the QR code is desideewar’s and shows him how it takes you to the website. My husband is truly impressed- he hadn’t realized that Rohun not only knows about QR codes, but he knows how to generate one too.

Did I mention that Rohun is not exactly a very patient kid? He soon starts insisting that I only put articles on the website, with a link to it on the facebook page in order to increase traffic. He’s not happy with the numbers. I don’t like that idea, since I’m afraid the number of views I get on the facebook page would go down since people don’t really like clicking on links. I was talking about all of Rohun’s ideas to a good friend of mine, Kanan, and she was really impressed. She said he’s telling you exactly what to do to increase traffic, you should listen to him. I realized then that I should. If views drop, so be it. Those who want to read will click that link. So that’s what I do- publish the article on the website alone and put links to it on the facebook page, twitter, instagram and blogspot. And that’s where are!

Thank you, Rohun, my darling, for your enthusiasm and your ideas. You make desideewar fun and interesting for me. You're inpiraing! This one is for you, baby!