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According to the Reputation Institute's 2015 Country RepTrack, the world's largest annual survey of country reputations, Canada has been declared the most reputable country in the world.

The Country RepTrack provides the world's view on countries on the basis of an on-line study of the reputation of 55 countries.

The countries that tops the list are listed on the right.

7New Zealand

The Asian Countries In The List: 

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So where does India rank? How did Pakistan and China fare? Answer is- not bad in case of India and rather bad for the latter two. Here are the ranks of some of the Asian countries that are in the list of 55- 

RankAsian Country

Other Countries Of Interest: 

RankAsian Country

 More On The Report: 

  1. The report indicates that Asian countries remain at low ranks even though their reputation India's reputation has gone up. India's has increased by 7.4 %. and China's by 7.9 and Iran's by 10,8.
  2. Since the survey began in 2010, Canada has stayed among the top two, mostly at first spot.
  3. China portrays a powerful economy but a weak reputation, losing points on factors like lifestyle, ethics and progressive policies.
  4. The report attributes the +9.6 increment in USA's score to the "Obama Effect".

 SELF- IMAGE- Internal Reputation: 

Interestingly, when it comes to self-image, reputation as perceived by the country itself, India places 4th in the world. Here are the top 5-

RankAsian Country

And some more interesting self -image- USA, 6th and China, 10th.

The perception of reputation was based on factors such as effective government, appealing environment and advanced economy among others.

 WE SAY ... 

India had ranked 85 out of 175 on the last Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index, It had not fared too well on the latest Global Peace Index released by  Institute of Economics and Peace, getting placed in the 'less peaceful' category. Being placed 33 out of 55 doesn't really come as a surprise- way better than Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, but no where close to Canada, UK and all in between. Not to say that we compare against Pakistan, Iran or Iraq. Neither is India in the same league as UK and above. However, the fact that USA got placed 22nd, makes India's 33 look almost like an honorary mention. 

All that aside, what is really impressive is that in self-image, India ranks 4th and USA- 6th. After all, end of the day, the perception of the local people does count. Never mind that most people have never left the country to really get a feel of what it is like to have drivers on road who actually follow the traffic rules, to have employees in government institutes who process your requests fairly without expecting ghoose (bribe), to have government departments that actually work to make your life better, to go about your daily life without corruption, without pollution, in short- to have a system in place that actually works. Are you wondering where then, does the high self-image for the country comes from? Maybe it comes from the contentment that the following brings-
  • (fairly) low-cost hired help for dozen different daily life chores 
  • thousands of variety of delicious and innovative (comfort!) food
  • the large network of family that provides a solid support system, not to mention fun and love
So of course, a high self-image is good, but a good external perception of reputation is important too. After all, that is what ultimately drives tourism, foreign investments, export and influx of skill and talent (reverse brain-drain).

What Do YOU SAY ... 

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