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2015 World Cup Cricket


And we don't mean the Delhi elections. So what else is the topic of discussions here? The 2015 Cricket World Cup of course!

(Photo Credit and source of information: ICC- International Cricket Council)

For those of you who love cricket, but haven't been following the details, here are the five top details you should know-  

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# 1 . The event is jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand from 14 February to 29 March 2015.

# 2. The 14 participating teams will play 49 matches- 26 in Australia and 23 in New Zealand.

# 3. The two 'pools' of team are-

Pool A compromises of following teams-



 Sri Lanka


 New Zealand



Pool B teams are-

 South Africa



 West Indies



 United Arab Emirates 

#4. Sachin Tendulkar has been named as the 2015 Cricket World Cup Ambassador by the ICC. (You literally see him all day long on TV and billboards in various different commercials and forums here in India.)

#5. What are the most important matches? 

15th Feb- India vs. Pakistan

24th March and 26th March- the two Semi-finals

29th March- the Final!!!

We say... 

A lot is being said and will be said by crickets lovers and professionals in the cricket loving countries. But we have to say this- the final does get its share of attention, no doubt, but the one between India and Pakistan takes the cake in terms of the adrenaline pumped. It is as intense as sports rivalries can get. You can feel the tension in air, the stress among the players on the field and the people in their homes, the emotions involved and the national pride at stake. It is said that India may have been at times in its worst form during the cup but it always comes through for this one match, having never lost to Pakistan in the World Cup.

As for Pakistan, this India vs Pakistan commercial by Star Sports aptly summarizes their feelings. Not sure how determined the Indian team is to win the world cup, but there is no doubt they will do everything in their power to keep that box of fireworks unused this time round too (referring to the commercial here).

(Video Credits: Star Sports. You may subscribe to them here) 

In the 2011 World Cup, India vs. Pakistan was the most watched television event of the year. So we say, if you ever were a cricket lover and have some of that passion still smoldering within you, you have an appointment with excitement on Feb 15th, 3:30 GMT (9:00 AM IST/ 9:30 PM US CT).  


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