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1. Manchale at Parker Square in Flower Mound, TX 

They had their opening night yesterday, March 12th, Sat. We went with a large group of 10 but were sadly disappointed. Now, we expected the chaos of opening night, we knew the orders will probably arrive late, we were prepared for some level of mismanagement even. However, we were certain of good food. And there lay the disappointment. The Vegetarian Biryani, Chole Bhature, Chicken Tikka Masala, Dal Bokara, Naan basket- were all average. In fact, the Biryani came with no accompaniments, the Chole was near bland (and came without the lemon/ onions) and as for the Dal- it appeared to be the Costco packets. The only item that was hot and tasty was the Chicken Malai Tikka that arrived way after everyone else at the table was done with their order and after our neighbors left without eating (having seen the state of our order).

The place was flooded with FunAsia team that seemed to add to the chaos more than lend any serious support. DJ Vaibhav Seth (at least we think that's who he was), when he finally started singing, was good.

The place is large and spacious, the bar looked good too, but there were too many "managers" roaming around. The waiters were friendly but didn't have the kitchen's backing.

All that said, we will give the place another chance. Once they settle in, figure out the business angles, iron out the kinks. Will report back in a few weeks ...meanwhile if YOU try it, let us know ...

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desideewar dallas se

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