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Friday, Oct 29th, 2016
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EVENT REVIEW by Sonal Kulshrestha, Founder, desideewar (Contd from page 1)


The Fashion Show at the Bel Air Ballroom was a shimmering collection displayed with suave and sophistication from 9:00 to 10:30 pm. The ambience in the hall was in perfect harmony with the theme. Tall light stands on either side of the catwalk provided the shimmering lights, quite literally. Well decorated tables, cozy settees and majestic gazebos on both sides of the stage completed the look credited to Protege by Eric Oliver.The celebrities, all in Ruby's design, led the show with a walk down the ramp before the models took over. 

Speakers included Sheeba Fernandez Turner, who talked about her escape from an abusive marriage and Anna Rupani, Staff Attorney for Mosaic Family Services who provided information on the services that Mosaic provides.

The cozy hall stayed action-packed for the entire hour and half, with silent action going on at the side, even as excitement brimmed at every design/ style/ model on the catwalk.

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Pictures Say It All ..
Emmy-winner Hilary Kennedy, host of the national morning news show Eye Opener, and Emmy-nominated Amy Vanderof, best known as a recent host of Good Morning Texas, were the emcees of the evening.Both were sporting Ruby Bhandari gowns that they proudly showed off by taking a walk down the ramp. 
Raj Bhandari thanking the several vendors involved, many of whom donated their services to support the cause (below)
Sheeba Fernandez Turner speaks (below)...

The Silk Threads Fashion Show featured their newly launched collection for men and women from the Chief Designer of Silk Threads, Ruby Bhandari. The designs reflected modern- meets- traditional concept that is the underlying tone of Ruby's designs. The traditional embroidered mirrors set in modern styles, contemporary tussles in traditional styles, shimmering fabrics, bold embroideries- were all eye-catching details on the ramp ... 

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 Blue Flame Productions and upcoming singer Omar Khalifa (seen below) added their own element to the already entertaining evening ...

The only thing missing with the show stopper item of the evening was the "Kala Chasma" song which incidentally would have been a perfect fit in the scenario :) (below) 

Ruby's outfit reflected her sense of modern-traditional fusion. She had worn the Indian saree that could be just as easily described as an off-shoulder dress. The "dress" got more interesting as your glance traveled down, as you would be sure to notice that it was saree draped over a chooridarBut wait, there is more. The uneven hem of the saree displayed an ornate thick border of the chooridar (leggings) that was perfectly paired with mega-heels.  Ruby and Raj Bhandari were  a truly gracious hosts throughout the evening.... their thank-you speech to their parents, family, friends and contributors was heartfelt,  with a well-deserved sense of relief at the super success of the event.

And away from the ramp ..

Complimentary sweets provided by CandeeCouture (above)

Buddha painting, by local artist Rahul Vyas, up for grabs at the silent auction (above)

Faiza Rehman, Interior Decorator (below, left), Sonal Kulshrestha, founder of desideewar (below) and Sanjay, her husband (left) (all photo credits to him)

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