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Aug 13th 2016
Tusshar Kapoor Is A Dad!   

June 28th 2016

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Apr 27 2016


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Sep 10 2015



May 21 2014

SHAH RUKH KHAN NAMED The Second Richest Actor In The World

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 Apr 23 2014

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Mar 27 2014 Thu
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Jan 06 2014

2014 Dabboo



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Jan 04 2014

2014 Sees John Abraham Married

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 Dec 7 2013 

Katrina Kaif, Sexiest Asian

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Oct 30 2013

Guess Is The New Global Feather In Priyanka Chopra's Already Globally Feathered Cap 

(Photo Credit: Guess)

    So we hear that Priyanka Chopra has a new global feather to add to her already globally feathered cap. You might have already heard it by now, so no points for guessing. Yes, it's Guess! E exclusively revealed last Monday that Priyanka will star in Guess' upcoming holiday campaign. The black and white ads, shot by rocker photographer Bryan Adams, feature Priyanka posing in a Mediterranean villa. E also reported that Guess president Paul Marciano signed Chopra after just one meeting. He told her she reminded him of Sophia Loren. Others to have signed the coveted contract before her are Claudia SchifferAnna Nicole SmithDrew BarrymoreKate UptonAdriana Lima,Alessandra Ambrosio and Paris Hilton . The most exciting part of the news is that Priyanka is the first non-white to be the face of Guess.

     The other global feathers' in Priyanka's cap that we refer to are her two singles from her debut album, 'In My City' which is to be released later this year apart from the fact that she was crowned Miss World in 2000. Her first single, "In My City" featured and debuted as the theme song for the NFL Network's Thursday Night Football. Her second single, 'Exotic' features Pitbull and we also hear that her third one that's said to be a solo single is in production also. 

As for others in the Indian Film Industry who have been brand ambassadors for global products, yes, there have been others. Who you ask? "Apun ka" Shah Rukh Khan for TAG Heuer and Aishwarya Rai for L'Oreal.

Well, congratulations, Priyanka! You're certainly going places and we couldn't be happier for you!

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Oct 26 2013

How Not To Make Money?

British Indian businessman, Raj Kundra has been in news ever since he started dating the Bollywood , Shilpa Shetty, while still married to his then wife. He continued to be in news when he married Shilpa (2009) and together they bought a palatial home in England, invested in IPL team 'Rajasthan Royals (2009) and then had a baby boy (2012). This time around, he's in news NOT for something you did expect though. Believe it or not, this college dropout albeit a successful business is in news for his book 'How Not to Make Money', a novel based on true story. Yes, by his own admission Raj Kundra is a college dropout who started his entrepreneurial journey from a chance visit to Nepal which turned out to be a life changing business exercise. Here he found the now famous Pashmina shawls. He had some “how to make money” plans and so he started importing these and suppling these to all major fashion houses in London in the 90’s. According to his website, business opportunities in Antwerp, Russia, Ukraine and UAE pushed him forward into various ventures and investments across the board from Mining to Real estate and Renewable energy to Entertainment and Hospitality. A sports enthusiast, he also owns a stake in the prestigious IPL team ‘Rajasthan Royals’.


Needless to say he KNOWS “how to make momey”. So what would drive him to write a book titled “How Not To Make Money”? According to his interview published in dna, “the inspiration came from seeing what was going on in day-to-day businesses in the UK. It was upsetting to see how people were using a loop hole to their advantage. More than the tax scam, this book is a story about three friends, their emotions, their highs and lows. A story of rags to riches to rags again; unfortunately as they say, crime doesn’t pay.” He also says that the three characters in the book are based on real life.


And judging by the fact that India's leading newspaper, Indian Express, reports today that Shilpa Shetty threw a party recently to celebrate the success of his book (continue reading in next column) with the Bollywood fraternity, we would guess that the book is on it's way to making them some (more) money.

Oct 10, 2013

Did you hear?

Akshay Beats Michael Jackson

We hear that the Guinness World Record that was hitherto held by Michael Jackson's 'This is it' poster for being the world's largest poster has now gone to Akshay Kumar's 'Boss' movie poster made possible by 'Team Akshay', the actor's fan club.

The poster was manufactured by Macro Arts from UK, incidentally the same company that was responsible for making Michael Jackson's poster.

(Photo Credit: Viacom18)

The poster in question is 58.87 m wide and 54.94 m high, beating Michael Jackson's poster by a good 15 to 20 percent. (Source)

Needless to say, Akshay was pleased, touched and humbled :)

Read what we have to say about the movie 'Boss' that's to be released on Oct 16th.

We say- Wah! Fan Ho Tou Eise! :) :)

Sep 3 2013, Tue

Deepika Padukone On the Pinnacle of Success

With 'Chennai Express' movie's express ride to the top of the box office charts, of course King Khan is back and those who had written him off are eating their words. But nobody is overlooking the woman behind the man either. With the high riding 'Chennai Express' becoming the highest grosser of all times, Deepika has ridden right to the very pinnacle- where no Bollywood heroine has ever been. Yes, according to India Today Deepika has become the first Indian heroine to cross the Rs 5 crore mark in a single year. Along with 'Chennai Express', the two other films that helped her add this coveted feather in her cap are the Ranbir Kapoor starer, 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' (grossing Rs 182 Crores) and Saif Ali Khan starer, 'Race 2' (grossing Rs 100+ crores). Obviously the year 2013 is going well for Deepika and the year hasn't even ended yet- she still has another movie, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Ram Leela'  opposite Ranvir Singh that's going to be released later this year.

Deepika's latest achievement, puts her way above her rivals, Katrina Kaif, who comes second and Kareena Kapoor, who holds the third place in Bollywood

(Photo credit: from Deepika's twitter account. Deepika Padukone graces the cover of Vogue India sporting a crown after proving herself to be deserving of the title of 'Queen of Bollywood'.)

Katrina's 'Ek Tha Tiger' with Salman Khan and 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' with SRK had together bought in over Rs 300 crores in 2012, while Kareena Kapoor's 'Body Guard' with Salman Khan and 'Ra.One' with SRK had together raked in over Rs 250 crores in 2011.

It's not hard to see that the common factors are Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. So not surprisingly, they are the top grossing male leads in the industry. However, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like any male lead in the Hindi film industry has as yet achieved this feat in a single year. But to be fair to our heros, they normally do not undertake more than one movie a year..

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)

Aug 10 2013

Do you know this face?

Sanjay Dutt is currently in jail serving a five year imprisonment term on charges of illegal possession of weapons. The sentence was passed in 1993 after the Mumbai blasts and was upheld by the Supreme Court of India in March this year causing our Munna bhai's return to jail.

We know Sanjay Dutt’s third and current wife, Manyata and their soon to turn 3 twin sons have been affected by his arrest. But do you know Trishala Dutt? Of course, you do. She is Sanjay Dutt’s daughter from his first wife, Richa Sharma and she looks like Nargis! As is common knowledge, the 1988 born Trishala lives in New York, having been raised there by her grandparents who won her custody after her mom died of brain tumor. She did open up about her dad’s arrest recently.  She had this to say on her blog-

“I know you all know are aware what happened to my dad and if you aren't aware, He was sentenced to a 3 year jail term. I won't go into detail why, I really don't want to talk about it but if you must know more information just google his name I guess? that's all I can say. Just remember not to believe everything you read. 

I've been harassed as to why I'm so silent on the subject but all I want to say is this :::

I've become an elder sister to my twin siblings Iqra & Sharaan. It's up to me to be strong for them and set a good example for them being the eldest daughter of the house.
There's no such thing as having an "emotional breakdown" anymore. I love my father to death and I will always be his blood, his first born, his everything. 
I'm just sick of people making stupid assumptions as to why I wasn't there in India by his side during the time of judgment, why I'm silent, why am I posting pictures on Instagram acting all happy and all that other bullSh*t. 

I'm SICK of half of you asking me why haven't I come to India yet. 

Did it ever occur to some of your "curious" minds that maybe my father told me NOT to come?? My family is going thru an extremely difficult time right now and I haven't been seen in Mumbai since Jan 2007. There was so much media when 


came there at that time, I didn't want to create such a drama especially at this time. My father and I have been in the tabloids since 2007 when that whole fiasco with Maanyata happened which wasn't even true! Then there was heat on both of us when I wanted to be apart of Bollywood at one point of my life (very stupid stubborn decision of mine but I'm glad I don't want to be apart of it anymore, I was young and wasn't thinking with my head, I was rebelling against a lot of things and found out who I really am and what I want later on) then it was said my father and I were not getting along and a lot of untrue things were

being said. Now, since so much has happened in 6 years with the media between dad and I, it was best if I stayed in NYC and not gain the wrong type of attention during this difficult time with my family.

Some of you are quick to judge, it's really annoying.”

Well said, Trishala. We feel your pain.

Trishala is an active blogger, blogging about her weight loss journey amongst other personal topics. She is all set to launch her own clip-in 100% human hair extension line called, ‘Dream Tresses Hair Extensions’- as per her latest blog.

Well, we wish you the very best for your endeavors, Trishala!

Aug 5 2013

Priyanka Chopra's second single, Exotic

Priyanka Chopra made her international singing debut with the song 'In My City' with Will. I Am. in 2012. She's out with her second single, 'Exotic', from the same album and this time it's with the American rapper and songwriter Pitbull.

Huffington Post reported Priyanka as saying, “Working with Pitbull was great. He is hugely creative. The lyrics he wrote are so personal, and he made the song about me and us. He made it real and I loved it!”

Not sure how exotic 'Exotic' is (her male fans can probably judge that better) but it certainly shows Priyanka mostly in swimwear and oh yes, she's a sporting some cool boots with the swimwear too. Also interesting are the lyrics- the occassional 'desi girl' interjected by Pitbull and some Hindi lyrics like 'pardesi babu ne es desi dil ko man liya hai', do give some desi flavor to the song. No, don't see any desi clothing or sites.

Watch it and decide for yourself.

Jun 13 2013

Amitabh On GQ India Magazine Cover


So we heard that the GQ India Magazine has Amitabh Bachchan on its’ cover of the June 2013 issue. From where you ask? Straight from the horse’s mouth- err…. straight from the megastar’s facebook page. For what you ask? For being one of the 50 Best Dressed Men in India. And of course, that includes ‘the enternally dapper’ Amitabh Bachchan- their words not ours.

Congratulations are certainly in order. In the era of the Charismatic Khans and Cool dudes like Ranbhir, Ranvir, it is certainly impressive that at 70 plus, Amitabh gets a mention- no matter what the topic.


We honestly don’t know if Amitabh is #1 or not, or even who else made it on the list yet, but who do you think deserves the #1 spot?

Vote at our facebook page.

May 15 2013

Madhuri and Item Song? Kabhi Nahi. Wait a minute...Kabhi Nahi?

So we hear that the latest one to join the band wagon of item songs is our very own 'Dhak-Dhak' girl, Madhuri Dixit Nene. And judging by the furore the news is creating, it's no wonder inducing an item song has become the trade "secret" for getting quick and easy publicity. But if you're disappointed at the news, hold on. No, this does not seem to be the kind of item song where ‘janta’ is randomly letching. Judging by the pictures that have been released, seems more like a 'wedding' song that we know we love watching Madhuri do (thinking of ‘Hum Apke Hai Kaun’). So "item" songs like these should be given a different name- more like 'a special appearance' song. What do you say?

Details ….details, you ask? The song is called 'Ghagra' and the movie is 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani'-  produced by Karan Johar and directed by Ayan Mukerji, this Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer is to be released on May 31st this year. Needless to say that Madhuri looks absolutely stunning. And talking of 'Ghagra', yes, she dons on gorgeous Ghagras styled by Manish Malhotra. We also hear that shooting the dance was extra special for Ranbhir since Madhuri was his first crush. Well, well, that certainly must have been exciting, Ranbhir. In fact, we also hear that the Madhuri fan also 'bribed' the director for a chance at a cheek peck ;). 

Update:  May 20 2013

And now see the video glimpse of 'Ghagra' from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani- got to say that Madhuri and Ranbhir pairing for the song looks sweet (and please lets not even talk about the age difference- they look sweet and that is that). And yes, the video shows that peck we talked about :).


Apr 20 2013

Ranbir Kapoor sings "Badtameez Dil" 

The trend continues as the multi-talented actors of today sing their own songs in the movies.

Ranbir Kapoor has sung the song "Badtameez Dil" in his upcoming film, 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' that also features Deepika Padukone along with him. It's a good fast-beat dance number that will no doubt be played in countless dance clubs and parties, right upto the New Year Eve's gala at the end of the year.

The music composer, Pritam, is in the midst of a controversy surrounding the song. Seems like he has been accused of copying the composition from a Bengali song 'Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona' of Anjan Dutta.

Now we heard the Bengali song and it does sound similar, but that does not taketh away Ranbir's singing credit. The Kapoor family has certainly produced some very talented progenies.

Apr 2 2013

Meet Madhuri Dixit the singer

We all know Madhuri Dixit the actress who ruled the Hindi Cinema in the 1980s and 1990s. Thousands were charmed by her 1000-watts smile. She was put at par with Madhu Bala as far as charm goes and with Hema Malini for her bubbly presence. We all know Madhuri Dixit the dancer. In fact, she was the first leading lady in hindi movies whose dance moves became her signature- be it ‘Ek do teen’, or ‘Dhak dhak‘ or ‘Chane ke keth mein’. Madhuri danced and the audience swooned. Even now, since her return to India, dance remains her passion. And if Madhuri and dance are mentioned together, everyone is interested. That will explain the very successful launch of her on-line dance venture, dancewith that got instant attention. Globally. On her facebook page, Madhuri posted that in the first 48 hours, the site got 25,000 hits from 124 countries around the planet with 7000 new dancers! At one point, they had 1200 people watching per minute and the system nearly crashed! Well, that’s your validation for Madhuri’s popularity as a dancer. If you ever needed one.

So what’s new you ask? “Meet Madhuri the singer”, we answer. The news doing the rounds is that Madhuri Dixit, along with her mother, Snehlata Dixit, have recently recorded a song together for her upcoming movie, ‘Gulaab Gang’. So how did this come about? Indian Express quotes Anubhav Sinha, the producer as saying, "We had decided to do the track with Madhuri, and then she came there with her mother. It was in fact Soumik's (the director) idea to use both of them for the track, since her mother has a background in singing."

The movie that is said to be released sometime in fall this year also features Juhi Chawla along with Madhuri Dixit. According to mid-day, the film is said to be inspired by a Gulabi Gang, real gang of women, headed by social activist Sampat Pal, who wear pick sari and raise voice against atrocities towards women (Read all about this gang in Slate magazine at-

We loved Amitabh Bachchan sing in Mr. Natawarlal, in Silsila and in Baghbaan. We loved Aamir Khan sing ‘Aati Kya Khandala’. We loved Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar sing the ‘Señorita’ song in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. We loved Akshay Kumar sing ‘Mujh Mein Tu’ in ‘Special Chabbis’, his first full-fledged song. We even loved Ranbir kapoor sing ‘Phataphati’ in Barfi. Priyanka Chopra has recently being singing away to glory as well. We have all heard her 'In my city'.

So now it’s Madhuri’s turn to take a shot at singing. We’re sure she’ll will croon just as well as she gyrates.


When Amitabh Bachchan sang the "Rang barse bheege chunar wali, rang barse" in Silsila in 1981 ( a Yash Raj Chopra movie) in his own voice, he made the song immortal. His deep voice, the folk lyrics by Harivansh Rai Bachchan and the open flirtations as picturized between him and Rekha, gave the song an eternal touch. It forever came to be known as the Holi song.

Now, the song has been on our minds because of Holi. We played it at our Holi party or heard it at all the Holi parties we went to. Not surprisingly at all, the song was on Amitabh Bachchan's mind as well. The megastar of Hindi Cinema, now 70, gave his fans the history behind not just the Rang barse song but also another of his popular Holi song, again in his own voice some 20 years later, Hori kheley , from the movie Baghbaan (2003). And yes, you guessed it, the lyrics for this are by his father as well.

Amitabh had this to say on his facebook page-
"both these songs are a legacy of my Father. My entire childhood and later years right upto the film industry time, these were the songs sung by my Father ... folk songs of UP .. we would pick up a dholak and he would sing. I repeated this during the times when I worked in Kolkata and early years of the film industry. Yash Chopra used to hear this from me each Holi at Prateek...sha, when one day he decided to bring it to film .. and Rang Barse took birth in film .. though the words and tune are all my Father's !!
Then 'Baghbaan' happened. Hori kheley .. is another Holi song that would be sung by my Father, another folk song. When Ravi Chopra directing the film Baghbaan asked me for a Holi number, I told him I would get one for him .. so Aadesh Srivastava and me sat one night and recorded this .. another contribution by my Father .."

Its amazing to watch Amitabh in the two Holi songs, sung in his own voice, 20 years apart! Got to say, he looks charming in both!

It's always touching to hear Amitabh Bachchan speak so fondly of his father. More importantly, to see him bring his father's rich literature to the forefront.