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Dhoom 3


Dec 21, 2013

Movie Review: Dhoom 3 

(Photo credit: Yash Raj Films)

Dhoom 3 focuses on the post-robbery chase rather than the actual act of robbery, unlike the first two movies in the series. Dhoom 3 focuses solely on the men, unlike it's predecessors. Dhoom 3 is staged almost completely outside of India, unlike the previous two that form the franchise (barring an action sequence on an auto rickshaw through the tiny by lanes in India- loved that contrast, btw). While I would rather regard all three differences as factors that taketh away from the brand, in reality, while the spectacularly orchestrated high tech, dare devil chases through the beautiful city of Chicago against it's equally impressive skyline makes up for the first and the third above mentioned fact, the superbly choreographed risky dance sequences with the highly sensual, athletic and brawny Katrina Kaif only attempts to compensate for the second fact. And absolutely ravishing and refreshingly athletic though Katrina looks, she barely has three dialogues after three consecutive song and dance sequences (awesome sequences, if I may add). The only thing justifying her presence truly is her thunder thighs, brawny frame and charm galore. The Australian beauty, Tabrett Bethell, supposedly opposite Ali, is not even worth a mention and the poor Inspector Jai Dixit is left woman-less (would have personally appreciated at least a quick phone call to his wife, Sweety, and the kid, from the previous parts (is that too much to expect?)

However, all that said, Dhoom 3 is out and out a family entertainment package. Even the strip sequence in the 'Kamli' song by Katrina, is done more as an 'act' rather than a sensual tantalizing dance.  The kids in the group loved the sets, the action, the people, the acts and the songs. They loved that Americans talked in English and sounded like Americans, unlike some other Hindi movies (yes, you guessed it, 'Tezz' was confusing since the people didn't match with the sound that came out of them). And most of all, they loved the twist in the movie. The movie is family date night worthy for sure. What can be a more wholesome entertainment than that? 

Breaking down to individual performances and contributions, the producers literally kept their attention on Aamir Khan's role. Others seems to have been left high and dry to fend for themselves. Not that you would complain, for Aamir has certainly carried the movie extremely well, both by his acting and his abs;), but you do feel the 'neglect' Abhishek seems to have been shown, especially his wardrobe

(although you might argue his role of an Indian Police Inspector doesn't exactly warrant a designer wardrobe, but, please, the dear inspector could at least have been given a decent hair cut!) Not to say, you wouldn't continue to love Jai Dixit. Abhishek is a natural in his Jai Dixit avatar. His lazy drawls, his serious personality, his gaze and the smile are all perfectly portrayed, especially his effortless chemistry with Ali. Talking of Ali, Uday Chopra, as usual, keeps you laughing with his unique and yet so typical, English, or shall I say the 'street English' that you might have encountered in India? Coming to Katrina (again!), after all the carnal comments, what more can I say? Except that her presence on the screen is celestial and that her contribution will get her the payback of association. The only other actor worth mentioning would perhaps be Jackie Shroff, who, after years of looking lost in the transitional phase, finally looks good in the 'dad' role. 

And yes, got to talk about the Katrina- Aamir pairing. There's this one train station scene, where they share a kiss, much like the kissing scene with Shah Rukh Khan in 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan'. Suffices to say, the scene makes you go....and this is how it's done. Chemistry- check. Age no bar- conveyed. 

So did I convey that the movie is a must watch, in theater, and soon? If I didn't, allow me to. The movie is a must watch- in theater, and soon!

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)

Update: Jan 2 2014

According to, this Aamir Khan starer has made a worldwide business of about 452.79 crores, emerging as the Highest Grosser Worldwide!!! The same source also reveals that although the movie has surpassed 'Chennai Express' overseas collections, it still lags behind '3 Idiots' and SRK's  'My Name Is Khan'.

Dec 20, 2013

Dhoom 3- Creating Total Dhoom & The Making Of Malang

Dhoom 3 is out and as expected, it's creating total 'Dhoom'. As per the analyst, Taran Adarsh, here's how it hit the theaters in many parts of the world-

#1. In Pakistan, the movie had the biggest release ever, opening on 56 screens. In Lahore, the 3:00 am and the 8:00 am shows are sold out for the weekend.  In Karachi, the movie recorded the highest ever advance booking of 44 lacs for the first two days at Atrium.

#2. In New Zealand, the movie is on its way to be the biggest opener ever. It got huge applause at intermission and also during end credits at cineplexes there, tweeted Taran Adarsh early this morning.

#3. Finally, anticipation is sky high as it releases a little later in certain other parts of the world as per the following schedule- Morocco 25 Dec, Lebanon 26 Dec, Egypt 1 Jan, Romania 9 Jan, Germany 9 Jan, Peru 16 Jan.

Now, let's talk about the making of the song everyone is talking about- Malang. According to the Yash Raj Films website, Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif had to literally undergo arduous training to become acrobats. And, get this, they were trained by none other than Cirque Du Soleil, who need no introduction in the Americas, Europe and other parts of the world where they routinely perform. In fact, a trip to Las Vegas isn't complete without being left open-mouthed at their show. Aamir and Katrina, no doubt were trained from the best, but they had just weeks to look convincingly professionals. Large part of their acrobatic acts were performed on the aerial hoop, a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling. Even more exacting was doing the stunts on the aerial silks. The leading duo did the toilsome acts without any safety harnesses. What seems even more crazily dare-devilish is the fact that although the rehearsals were done at 10 feet above the ground, the actual filming took place at 25 feet! Even as you plan on catching the movie soon, watch the video released by YRF to be totally floored by Aamir and Katrina preparing to master their act on the hoop and the silk. The thought you leave with, will most certainly be- Man, it's hard word to reach the very pinnacle of success! Of course, it doesn't come easy.

Video Credit & Source: Yah Raj Films 

Dec 19 2013

Making of Kamli, Movie: Dhoom 3

"Dhoom Day" is this Friday!! 

Let's continue talking about "Dhoom 3", after all, tomorrow is the "Dhoom Day" :)....

So here's the behind the scene footage of Katrina as "Kamli", yes, in the song 'Kamli'. It's really interesting to see how hard it is to mimic the steps of a dance director. Truly impressed with Katrina- her charm, her agile body, her dedication and the hard work she puts in totally gets conveyed. She looks athletic and she looks brawny and she makes you ponder over how far Hindi cinema has come from the days when the sari-clad heroines demurely delivered the dialogues. (Video on left by YRF) 

The song is sung by one and only, Sunidhi Chauhan.

The movie's Director of Choreography is Vaibhavi Merchant who has choreographed award winning dances like 'Dhol Baaje' for the film 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' and 'Kajra Re' for the movie 'Bunty Aur Babli', 


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Dec 18, 2013

Movie: Dhoom 3, releasing on Dec 20, 2013

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)

Movie: Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 releases this Friday. The third one in the series is again produced by Aditya Chopra and again written by Vijay Krishna Acharya, who has also directed it this time around. And yes, as you already know, Abhishek Bachchan is again the cop who does the chasing, along with his side kick, Uday Chopra- the two permanent features of the series. Also, as you already know, as the brand got bigger with each release, so did our anti-hero, with each subsequent release- from John Abraham to Hrithik Roshan to now Aamir Khan, as did the lead girls- from Esha Deol to Aaishwariya Rai to now Katrina Kaif ( ot that Katrina is one up from Aaish). So it's no surprise that the Yash Raj Chopra team has been selling the package as "Triple the fun, triple the romance and triple the action". We didn't talk about 'Dhoom 3' sooner because this by-now-a brand- name, needs no talking about to get you to make plans to go see it. Yash Raj Films is doing a good job of keeping the excitement going.

Yes, the Chicago Police Department's chase to catch the clown thief has been marketed really well by the YR. From the 'Dhomify" yourself app (where you get to create your own Dhoom poster, sporting a fire) to tweeting #KyaMummy moments, they've certainly ensured audience participation and their anticipation throughout this


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month when the movie releases on "Dhoom Day". Btw, our kids' #KyaMummy moments would probably go something like this- What? Wear Indian clothes. Again? #KyaMummy." Lol.

Talking of the Dhoom 3 songs, no doubt, you have heard the 'Malang' song, that was released early this month. The much hyped song, apparently, is the most expensive song ever made, costing over Rs 5 crore in money and over two months in time. As for the people, 200 artists were flown over from across America (gymnasts and acrobats) and Aamir and Katrina underwent, extensive training and body toning for this one, we hear.  Other songs like the already known 'Dhoom Machale' and 'Kamli' are doing well too in terms of getting millions of views on the web.


So consider this a reminder, and clear up this very busy weekend, enough to squeeze in "Dhoom 3", and be well on your way to end the year with a DHOOM!

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