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Story about a fan whose love and passion for his "God" turns into a dangerous obsession that crosses the fine line..

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan
Directed by: Maneesh Sharma 
Produced by: Aditya Chopra
Release Date: 15 April 2016

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I can see what the ardent SRK fans would absolutely love about the movie-

1. Cast- is all SRK: There are barely any roles worth mentioning other than the two played by king Khan himself. So while for the non-admirers, it will appear to be an over-dosage of Shah Rukh, the fans will far from complain. In fact, not only do they get to see their favorite star in every shot, they also get a peek at what his real life is probably like- stardom on one hand, the luxurious villa, the perfect family- that goes with it and on the other hand- the complete loss of privacy, the ever encroaching fans, the rich that "buy" their time and the ever encompassing entourage of people that service them. And on top of that, the fans get to see SRK act as his own fan- and to give credit where credit is due- he has done a wonderful job as Gaurav, the fan. And just as simply, you would say that he has portrayed himself perfectly too! No, really. There is something noticeably real about it even though you might think that should come naturally. For once you would come out saying that Shah Rukh has truly done an awesome job- in not "acting" but portraying the two roles on two sides of stardom! His body language sells as a 17-something fan even more than the made up face. His dialect/dialogue sell as an obsessed fan even more than the youth-infused face. SRK had shared the photo of him undergoing 3D-digital scanning for his role in younger avatar at the CounterPunch studio in Los Angeles. SRK mentioned in an interview with The Hindu that so much money has not been spent before on making him not look like Shah Rukh Khan. It was money worth spent. As for him playing the star, even though he says (in the same interview) that he does not play himself, that he plays a star that gets less mad, is more boring than himself- that is hard to buy, for you really get an experience of wtnessing his real life- complete with Mannat's (his home) entrance, wife, two kids.

Okay, lets talk about others in film too. Sayani Gupta has done a good job as the star's secretary, but frankly a more matured look would have played out better. Deepika Amin and Yogendra Tiku have played their small part well as the parents of the obsessed fan.

2. The sets and locations: Undoubtedly the sets and locations are par excellence- as is always the case with any Yash Raj production. That applies for the two world on either side of stardom- the posh and the poor, or rather the loaded millionaires and the lower middle class. Apparently this is also the first movie actually shot inside the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. The scenes from London, Croatia are all of course aesthetically appealing, but the low income by lanes really arresting as well.

3. The plot and the situations: The overall plot is good, spun well, and the individual situations are even better. However, there is a big flaw in the plot that will need a thorough discussion- read more on this below.



Seriously, end of the day, I cannot tolerate a plot that is not true to itself. No matter how prepossessing the pied piper, powerful the plot, the movie holds or rather falls apart at its weakest links. In this case, the weak link being several bond-movie like chases that make no sense, holds no relevance, does no justice to the plot, is not compelling and/or convincing and lends nothings but ill founded drama. Think about it, what celebrity will erupt into a chase every time he sets sight on an obsessed fan? 


This one is an ode to Shah Rukh Khan- his celestial stardom and the obsession, even if not dangerous, that is often seen among his fan following. The movie is at-best a good-watch for the die-hards, but at least a worth-watch for at home-viewing. Yes, you may watch with kids of all age.


This one is . According to Bollywood Hungama, the film's production, print and publicity cost was over Rs. 100 crore. The movie has collected about Rs. 120 crore in India and about 187 crore gross worldwide. Its collections were already on the decline by the 2nd weekend, despite the good review it received from most major Indian dailies.

By Sonal Kulshrestha

(Sonal is a computer programmer by profession and a writer by passion. She is an avid movie goer. She lives in Texas, USA) 

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