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Bidding Adieu To More Than 2013....

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)

We're all ready to bid adieu to the year that was 2013. Of course saying farewell to 2013 is so much more than just that. As the various TV channels show the recap of the events that we'll forever associate 2013 with, as a nation together or even as a member of the global human population, we watch and we ponder. We recap together the movies that were well made and raked in mega bucks (Dhooom 3, Krrish 3 Chennai Express, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani) and the ones that took a spot at the other end of the spectrum (Ajay Devgan's Himmatwala, Sanjay Dutt's Zanjeer, Akshay Kumar's Boss, Ranbir kapoor's Besharam); the natural catastrophic devastation that caused huge loss of life and property (Typhoon Haiyan – Philippines, Typhoon Pailin – India, Oklahoma City Tornado) and the inventions that'll improve the entertainment factor in life (Apple's iPad mini, Microsoft XBox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Google Chromecast); the celebrity couples that tied the knot (Halle Berry, no not Rani Mukherjee) and those who parted ways (Hrithik- Sussanne :( Ik); and last but not the least- the famous people who passed away this year (Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Jiah Khan, Farooq Sheikh) and the new but already famous lives that started (Prince George Alexander Louis!).
However, bidding farewell to 2013 is also something we do on a very personal level- as a small unit of friends or family, and even more personal- on a just 'I, Me Aur Myself' (yes, I took the phrase from the title of that John Abraham movie) level.
So, talking of that very personal level, we reflect on the year that's going by, in a matter of hours, in four broad categories-


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1. The closest to our heart are the people we lost- a very dear uncle or aunt, or a beloved friend, or maybe grief has stuck even closer, forever parting us from the anchor of our lives, a parent or older sibling, or someone who was supposed to outlive us- a younger sibling or offspring. The pain of such a loss is the worst and the year forever becomes a part of that grief. We bid adieu to our loved ones with deep sorrow in our heart and loving memories that only seem to make it worse, knowing and hoping that the pain will become bearable.

2. Next comes the happy achievements/ events- that coveted job title, that milestone salary bracket, the new home/ car, new baby in the family or the one leaving the house for the desired college, or simply overcoming the health hurdles. Bye bye 2013! Hope the new year is just as promising we say!
3. Also worth reflecting over is this. Who have we come this far in life with? There's a saying that I see in my nephew's room- "It doesn't matter WHERE you go in life....WHAT you do.....Or how much you HAVE.....It's WHO you have BESIDE you!" And so we must look around. If you find that you share a lovely relationship with your family and you've friends who love and stand by you, no matter what life has thrown at you this year (for joy and sorrow are part of it all), you have what matters- the right people to carry you through it all.
4. Most importantly, we reflect over what we have been this year. Have we been kind, honest, and true to ourselves? Have we never indulged in excluding, influencing negatively or generally spreading negativity? Have we worked towards arming our kids with the right virtues? Have we looked out for our aging parents? If the answer to any of those questions is a no, we've to bid adieu to that part within us.
Farewell 2013!

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