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by Sonal Kulshrestha, TX, USA

(Photo Credit: Finding Fanny Facebook Page) 

'Finding Fanny'- Fox Star Studios presents this Maddock Films Production that is directed by Homi Adajania and showcases big talent bodies from the young crop- Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor, as well as senior stars- Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor.

'Finding Fanny' is not mainstream cinema. In fact, it reminds you of some of the Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil genre of subtle cinema, except in wonderful colors, floral prints, lots of greenery and a old classic car that barely runs but lends lot of character to the movie. 

What the movie has going for it-

#1. Kudos to every single person of the cast for agreeing to do this movie for here are true actors! Staring from the senior most- Naseeruddin Shah shows his versatility for the hundredth time, Dimple Kapadia looks wonderful in this avatar as a large-bummed Christian woman from Goa, Deepika Padukone's beauty with barely any makeup on is indescribable, Arjun Kapoor has played is nondescript role to perfection- no bare chest scenes, no muscle flex scenes- he comes across as a true actor. Dimple Kapadia might have aged since playing 'Oh Maria' in 'Sagar', but she looks just as charming playing 'Rosalina' living in a small village called Pokolim in Goa. Among the youngsters, Deepika and Arjun needs to be given the recognition not only for the talent they embody but also for the depth of understanding they display in portraying every role they have hitherto taken.

#2. The movie onsets a new way of bringing forth the genre of subtle non-mainstream cinema. It shows that loneliness doesn't need to be portrayed via drab gloomy settings. It can be conveyed among the flowers and the greenery. Homi Adajania has successfully wrapped the sadness and loneliness of the lead characters in joyous colors, scoring high both as the writer and the director.

#3. The location, the sets, the clothes, the characters, and even the vintage car appears to lend a purpose to the movie. Every run down door, the bolts, the pots and the pans stirs nostalgic memories of some visit to some place in your mind- if like me, you have grown up India but now live outside of India.

#4. The movie subtly makes you reflect on certain acts and some relationships. Deepika looking out for an old man's love interest is beautifully un-folded in a wonderful narrative. Again, the subtlety of her  relationship with her mother-in-law reminds you of the the underlying love that is unquestionably there in this relationship.

And What It Doesn't-

The movie's pace though reflective is very slow, making it 'mostly for women', at best a couples flick. 

In Summary-

So all of you ladies out there, grab a friend and go soak in the details in the scenes, the clothes and the characters as the stories slowly unfolds before climaxing well and very appropriately.

(Video Credit: Fox Star Hindi) 


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