For A Cause. Together.

Our mission is to join hands to raise funds for UNICEF and other causes. Our vision is to empower & encourage kids to make a difference- together.

It's simple-Bid to Buy. Check to Charity.

Here's how-
1. Email us your bid at or make a bid at our facebook page or right here!

2. If your bid is the highest among the first 5 bidders, we'll notify you. Send us the check made payable to any of the above charities with "Courtesy- For A Cause. Together." in the memo section.

4. Shipping is free anywhere in the USA

5. And remember, become a member to bid.

 About 'For A Cause. Together'

This segment is founded by-

Raashi Kulshrestha, a Freshman in Texas

Students who also actively run this segment-

Rohun Kulshrestha, 5th grade, Flower Mound, Texas

Dave Mohan, 7th grade, Phoenix, Arizona

Robert Mohan, 4th grade, Phoenix Arizona 

Do you want your child to join hands with these young troopers? Ask us how at 

Funds raised so far-

UNICEF-Fund-Raising Campaign- $ 50

UNICEF - Jewelry-For-A-Cause- $ 265

UNICEF- Mom's-Laddoos-For-A-Cause- $100

Stop Acid Attack- $ 50.00

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Relief- $300

Goody Bags for the Children on the streets of India- $ 200

Room to Read- $ 170

Save Raman- $ 50

Red Cross for West Texas- $50

Cleaveland Courage- $ 50

Red Cross for Moore Oklahoma- $50

Race for the Cure- $130

Gift bags for Children on the streets in India- $ 130


Red Cross for Sandy Hurricane victims- $ 150

CRY- $ 150

Author Autographed Book For A Cause. Together.

Meeting Carly Stern.....

Chitra Divakaruni's Books, Autographed by her, 'For A Cause. Together'.....

Read on..  

Mom's Laddoos For A Cause. Together. 

Order gourmet Besan Laddoos made from homemade shudh (pure) desi ghee and help raise money for the kids!

$10 per dozen. 100% of the money raised will go to UNICEF.
Update: Nov 2013: All collections this month will go to the Philipines Typhoon Haiyan Relief.

Update: Aug 2015: All collections will go to UNICEF
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Cards For A Cause. Together.

These cards have been donated by Bejuled Creations and created by Bijal Haria. 100% of the collection from these cards will go to a charity picked by Bejuled Creations. Retail price is $4.50 per card. Here, you can get-

2 card set for $4.50
3 Card set for $6.00
4 Card set for $7.50

September 2013

Cause: Goodies for the Children on the Streets of India

For the Cause: We have beautiful Ethnic Indian Clutches donated by Shalini Verma from CA, USA.

100% of funds raised will be used towards sponsoring Goodies for the less fortunate kids on the streets of India- Delhi/ Mumbai.

The Goodies for the Children will include-

3 Fresh Fruits, 3 Snacks, Juice, a Notebook, a Pencil, an Eraser and a Sharpener (seen in the picture below- all worth $ 5.00 each).

Why Goody Bags? 

When we visit India, we see these little kids and mothers with babies come up to our  cars at the signals and almost every where we go. We're told not to give them money. We see movies like 'Slum Dog Millionaire' and some other Hindi movies from way back that make us wonder if these poor people are being forced into begging by some gang. We certainly don't want to encourage that. And so we sit quietly, even looking the other way- much to the distress of our kids. Our kids who feel heart broken at the plight of the poor on the streets of India are further  saddened  by our seemingly lack of compassion. But no, the solution truly is not giving money to those precious kids. So during our last two trips to India, my kids came up with an idea to make these little bags of goodies (seen above) that we handed out to the little kids that came up to our car. How many bags do you want to hand out, I asked them. They decided that each will hand out the same number as their age, so my daughter handed out 14 and son 10. 

Our kids also notice that in India the Temple feeds the rich, not the homeless and the poor. During our visit to India this summer, we left the goody bags (again, seen in the picture above) at couple of temples to be given only to the poor kids. 

It really is nothing much at all, but it can be made into something bigger, if we all join hands. We all do our share of charities in lots of different ways, lets add this way to the list too. It's nothing much, but at least it's better than giving money. And it's certainly better than looking the other way. (by Sonal Kulshrestha)

Why Shalini joined us:

Shalini and her family visited Vrindavan in UP this summer during her trip to India from California. There, at the temple, they met a boy selling flutes. Shalini's 13 year old son, Raghav, couldn't bear to see this young boy who looked about his age working hard at 10:00 pm at night selling goods to people. Raghav made his mom buy all of the boy's remaining flutes. They loved the Goody bags idea to help other kids out on the streets.

Do you have a story to share? Email us at

Aug 2013

Gift Baskets for the Children on the Streets of India

Rakshabandhan, or Rakhi, is on Wednesday, August 21 this year. It's fast approaching.

Order the Rakhi package that includes-

A Rakhi string, 

Roli packet and 

A dozen gourmet shudh-ghee Ladoos 

Price: $ 20 (free shipping anywhere in US and India)! 

We'll ship it right at your brother's doorstep...actually...mailbox.

100% of funds raised will be used towards sponsoring gift packages for the less fortunate kids on the streets of India- Delhi and Mumbai.

May 22 2013

In our 'For A Cause. Together' segment, we want to help raise funds for Oklahoma. Together.

A monster tornado that was a little less than 2 mile wide, carrying winds of about 200 mph, that stayed on the ground for about 20 miles in Oklahoma city suburb, devastated the town- killing 24 people, 8 of them children. Our heart goes out to the kids who lost their lives at school while away from their parents, to the parents who had to live their worst nightmare and to hundreds of families who were left homeless.

In the wake of one of the most destructive storms in the nation's history, once again we join hands to raise funds for the Oklahoma victims.

Order a dozen gourmet besan laddoos for $ 10.00 with us. All the money raised will go to the Red Cross for rebuilding Moore, Oklahoma.

May 8 2013

'For A Cause. Together.'

Cleveland Courage

Three young girls who were kidnapped from close to their homes were held captive in a house, again, close to their homes, for over a decade by a man who practically lived in the same neighborhood, have been rescued. Thanks to the courage shown by one of three young girls, Amanda Berry, who on Monday, was able to catch a neighbor’s attention while calling out for help. The other two girls, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, along with Amanda, have returned to their families. Their decade long ordeal came to an end and the man, Ariel Castro, a 52-year-old former school bus driver, is under arrest.

Our heart goes out to the families of the three young women and the little girl born while her mom, Amanda, was in captivity. We are left horrified as we hear their stories unfold. We are grateful for the miracle, angered at what the girls had to endeavor and frustrated that their plight couldn’t have been shortened. And now that a fund has been set up to help these beautiful young ladies and the organizations that are no doubt stepping up to help them deal with the trauma that they have undergone, we’re feeling a sense of being able to do something for them.

Amanda Berry,   Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight have a long road of recovery ahead of them. What happened with them is every parents' nightmare.  To be bound with ropes and chains, to be beaten and sexually assaulted. To be made pregnant and forced to abort. To bear a child and raise a little girl in captivity. No young woman should have to go through such horrors. So lets’ join hands and help collect funds for these young women. For their cause. Together.


ALL funds raised will go to ‘Cleveland Courage Fund’ set up for the cause. For any amount that you choose to send us for this noble cause, you get a dozen gourmet ‘Shudh-Ghee-Home-Made’ (by now we shouldn’t need to say this part) laddoos free!

Make your pledge at our facebook page.

Thank you for your support. 


Apr 20 2013

For A Cause. Together.

We want to raise funds for a cause. Together. The various different causes don’t stop. So we won’t stop either.

We learnt of many tragic stories this past week. People who were badly injured in the blasts at the Boston Marathon on 4/15/13. Stories of people like you and me. People who had gone to support their loved ones run in the Boston Marathon on a lovely day. People who instead ended up losing their leg, or worse, their lives. The campaigns set up for individual victims of Monday’s bombing on crowd fundraising sites went viral, raising over 1 million from people across the world. "Bucks for Bauman" page for Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs in the bombing raised over $350,000. His picture on a wheel-chair with both his legs blown up shook people to the core- making them realize the


crude truth of the devastation. Then there was the story of a mother and her teenage daughter- Celeste and Sydney. Celeste lost both her legs below her knees and Sydney suffered severe injuries as a result of being hit with shrapnel. Their page on GoFundMe has raised over $450,000. Ann (65) and Eric Whalley (65) were enjoying a walk along the marathon route when the bomb went off. Their page raised around $100,000. And then there is the story of the newlyweds, Patrick and Jessica Downes, who both suffered severe leg injuries and their page has raised over $500,000. All of these people have a long road of recovery ahead of them and of course, will incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. We wish them the very best. It’s always heart-warming to see people join hands in times of crisis.

Another tragedy that also stuck this past week is the Fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas on 04/17/13 that killed 15 people and injured over 200. The blast leveled a five-square block area of the city, damaging more than 150 structures including dozens of houses, a nursing home and a public school. Of those killed in the blast, 11 were the first responders, members of West’s volunteer fire department.They are true heros. People have been left homeless. People like you and me. We hear that the Lone Star State Hero Willie Nelson is planning a fundraising concert in Austin on Apr 28th to help those affected by the devastating explosion. Unfortunately, other than that, not much is going on in terms of fundraising. Lets’ raise funds for the victims in West, Texas.

Buy a dozen gourmet besan laddoos for $10.00. Hundred percent funds raised goes to the cause at desideewar. Yes, you may donate more than $10 for the cause :). And yes, you may donate without ordering laddoos :). We appreciate your support very much! And do 'Like' our facebook page (at - that helps us spread the cause :))

Apr 1st 2013

Save Raman

Last Diwali, together we raised $ 300 for CRY and Red Cross. This Holi, together we raised $ 200 for Room To Read. Both through our “Mom’s-Laddoos-For-A-Cause” segment. Honestly we thought that we were done with laddoo making until next Diwali. Until a friend brought Raman’s story to our attention.

Raman Sadwal was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Raman is 33 years old. He’s the only son of his parents. He’s a husband. He’s a father of two young boys- ages 1 and 5. He lives in Princeton, NJ. He needs a Bone Marrow Transplant for a chance at survival.

So we were talking about Mom's-Laddoos-For-A-Cause. When we heard Raman’s story, we had to put the pot back on the burner, so to say. Yes, stocked up and are ready to make more laddoos to help raise funds for Raman. For A Cause. Together.

Order laddoos here to help Raman and his family (100% of funds raised goes to the cause) or directly donate at


Today right after work we drove to this place one hour away from home. We had heard that the founder of the award winning non-profit literacy organization named Room to Read that has been involved in building schools and libraries in Asia and Africa for over a decade, was going to come and speak. The Room to Read Dallas Chapter was hosting a cocktail hour and book launch event to introduce John Wood, the Founder of Room to Read and his new book “Creating Room to Read”. Dallas was the first stop in his International tour and the book releases tomorrow.

Now, we were tired and got lost in trying to find the place, but when we reached there, it was worth every bit of effort. John Wood, who had left an IT executive position at Microsoft to try to save the world, yes, that is what he titled his first book, ‘Leaving Microsoft to Save the World', spoke passionately about the mission of Room to Read. The goal is to affect the lives of 10 million children by 2015 through literacy, having impacted over 7 million children already. He spoke about how they have help build over 1500 schools and around 15000 libraries. He spoke about how they work with the local communities and the local government in the remotest parts of developing countries to help build these schools and libraries. He talked about how they reach out to local authors to write original books in local languages and publish and distribute these books to the children. He talked about how they have published around 850 such original books and distributed over 12 million of these! He showed slides of these gorgeous, happy kids from India, Nepal and other countries that totally touch your heart! What also touched us was the fact that here was an American guy who believed in spreading the gift of literacy way beyond America- in the deep & the remote parts of the world where 'kids are born with their hands tied', to quote him, with respect to opportunities for basic education.

So we decided to raise funds for Room to Read. For the purpose, Room to Read let us have the book, ‘Creating Room To Read’, signed by the author for you to bid. Also, Holi is coming up on Mar 27th. We’re starting the ‘Mom’s-Laddoos-For-A-Cause’ program for Holi today. Hundred percent of the money raised will go to 'Room to Read'.


A Book by John Wood (seen in the picture from today)
Donated by Room To Read for desideewar
Retail Price: $22.99 (Hard Cover)
Starting Bid for the book, signed by the author: $ 12.99


Write what you think of the item that you got.

Metalic Lustre Ceramic Elephant Pair: $ 11.00


The laddoos are ready for our Mom's-Laddoos-For-A-Cause program this Diwali! Home-made with home-made ghee! If you have ordered, look out for them. And do remember to let us know what you thought of them!
Thanks for together raising funds for the kids this Diwali.
All the funds raised will benefit CRY.