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Movie REVIEW- Happy New Year

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Release date: Oct 25th


Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff

Director: Farah Khan

Producer: Gauri Khan

Story By:

Farah Khan

Distributed By:

Yash Raj Films

Music Directors: Vishal  and Shekhar

(Photo Credit: Red Chillies Entertainment

Video Credits: Yash Raj Films, you may subscribe to them here)

The long awaited Shah Rukh Khan starer, Farah Khan directed and Red Chillies Production released with the Bang that even 'Bang Bang' didn't quite make. As per India today,  HNY raked in Rs 108.86 crore - the biggest opening weekend that a movie has got at the box office in India, beating Dhoom 3 and 'Chennai Express' records.

 In true SRK style, the movie was well promoted. It's trailer was released with lot of fanfare, the event highlighted by the fact that the entire team showed up for a joint interview and even walked the ramp in team India jackets. The team also toured major cities of America in concert called 'SLAM' and finally several promotional events and interviews were organized to ensure hype and anticipation.

Three things the movie has going for it- 

#1. The Cast-

Deepika Padukone is a complete package. Here she simply proves it one more time. Her beauty and her intellect, her talent and her tall toned frame- make her a subject of adoration for men and women alike. She really just reiterates that she rules!

SRK seems to be listening to us. In our 'Jab Tak Hain Jaan' review, we said he should play his age. In 'Chennai Expeess' he did that. In our 'Chennai Express' review we said he should act his age too. Here, he both plays and acts his age. He finally gets it here- there's no over acting either.  To add to his charisma, his much talked about 10 pack abs (and the hint at the additional 2 covered packs;) are display for your admiration. SRK said in an interview that 10 are visible and two he kept covered. Whether you care about his chiseled torso or not, you end up silently counting them- haha.

As for Abhishek Bachchan,
 Jr. Bachchan certainly makes the most of the opportunity he got with this film. He might be one of the many side kicks, but he stands out and leaves an impression. His 'Bol Bachchan' dance style makes you burst out laughing.

Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and the Vivaan Shah- all do their part well. Sonu Sood's 6-pack give a good competition to SRK's 10 :). It's a battle of the abs, between the two.

#2. The Concept

In this age of 'going Hollywood' in terms of producing Hollywood standard of movies (thinking of the 'Race' series and the 'Dhoom' series) got to hand it to Farah Khan and King Khan to stay true to what has come to be known as Bollywood masala the world over. Like they said in practically every interview, the movie is about everything that you say Hindi movie is about. It's about personal shortcomings, a son's revenge, and about losers finally winning- all surprisingly perfectly packaged- barring the exceptions further down.

Another aspect to the concept is spoofs of movies and characters- there's the 'Deewar' - angle ( 'tera baap chor hai'), the 'Shalimar'-angle,  the 'Mohini' angle from 'Tezaab', the 'Kamli' angle from 'Dhoom 3', the 'Main Hoon Na' angle, the Titanic angle, 'The Bachelor' angle, etc. etc. While some are explicitly explained, most are implicit.

#3. The Location

Dubai locations are of course out of this world. The Indian diaspora shown there are well interpreted. The India part of the movie is just as interesting. The overbearing mother, the dance sets are all appealing.

#4. The Plot

 The plot seems to be inspired by the Hollywood flick, Ocean 11. While the Hollywood series ( there was a 12 and a 13 too) was a rather sophisticated heist organized by a couple of truly cool dudes to avenge wrong doing against a friend, our desi version, in true Hindi masala formula, is a saga of a son's revenge with the aid of hero-proclaimed losers. Once the selection of these losers is made, the plot takes on course with spoofs galore.

5. The End Credits

Trust the famous movie making duo, yes SRK and Farah, to bring innovation and style in end credits too. That's a must watch, so do stay on till the very end to get a sweet shot of AbRam, Shah Rukh and Gauri's latest addition to the family, their son born through surrogacy. Talking of Gauri, she looks gorgeous in the end credits.

And What It Doesn't  ....

So the movie is entertaining enough except for-

 1. the rather lame first hour. The Deepika-less, 'Oceans 11' inspired, introductory part! Yes, Deepika makes her entry after the first hour and that time is anything but entertaining! The lameness ties in well in the end, but this part should have been done in about 20 mins. That's the next thing Bollywood production houses should strive for- make movies no less than 2:20 mins.

2. SRK and Farah Khan duo may well be ruling the spoofs, satire and sarcasm niche in Hindi movies, but in the process, they tend to cross the thin line between humor and humiliation. In their previous production together, 'Om Shanti Om', they ended up offending Manoj Kumar when they made fun of his signature style (hand on the face). Here the blatant Saroj Khan  impression in the movie is rude, disrespectful and way out of line considering that the lady is one of the leading choreographer in the industry. It should be immediately deleted.


I would rate the movie 'G', it's a family entertainer.

 In the end, the movie turns out to be exactly what the team promised it would be- a total Bollywood masala entertainment. It stays true to the concept, provides laughter, maintains pace, accords top notch performances and above all is a true family package. If you haven't already, head out with your kids soon to enjoy some good laugh- provided you're prepared to sit back and let yourself digest the decades old 'masala' served on a designer platter.

(By Sonal Kulshrestha, a movie lover from Dallas, Texas)


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