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By Sonal Kulshrestha

I'm sitting in Starbucks with my laptop, barely even listening to the music playing, when suddenly I hear "milte he ankhen dil hua afsana kise ka', in a very distorted tone and certainly not in an Indian accent. Now I know that the original song, 'Milte He Ankhen' belonged to the Raj Kapoor directed 1950 Hindi movie 'Babul', so I was naturally surprised to hear some version of it being played in Starbucks. Turns out the song being played in Starbucks is the 2013 song, 'Bird In Hand' by Lee Perry. Perry's version of the beautifully sung song by Talat Mahmood and Shamshad Begum is produced by Scratch.

According to Upsetter Station, although credited to Lee Perry, this strange and ethereal tune is most likely sung by Sam Carty. People often puzzled over the lyrics to this song, not realizing that they're in Hindi. A Scratch fan from England, Jez Humble, finally put two and two together when he recognized that some of the words from "Bird In Hand" were Hindi. He played the song for his Indian girlfriend, and although Carty's Hindi is pretty shaky on the tune, before long they had figured out the words.

(Video Credit: Kockos)

We say,  although Perry's version of the euphonious oldie successfully kills the pure melody of the original, but the fact that the song inspired Perry to make the lyrics and the tune a part of his song is a testament to the melody of Hindi music, not that we ever needed one.
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