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If you live outside of India, chances are the only exposure your kids get to Hinduism, the predominant religion in India, is the exposure that you, as parents, expose them to- via the prayers that you perform at home, via festivals that you celebrate or via stories that you tell them on the various avatars of the Hindu God. But when the kids ask you questions on the religion or repeat what they get asked at school by peers, do you feel like you are at a loss for words? Or perhaps you wish you could truly educate them about your faith? We start this segment, to share with you, the notes on Hinduism, by a grandfather who cared to research, compile and document all about Hinduism, just for those times when his grand kids will come home with questions on the religion that they have been born into, for when they're ready to 

learn all about it. Here's the letter he wrote to his grand kids before he began the journey of teaching them. We hope this would be just as helpful to you in educating your kids about Hinduism. If you're not a Hindu, but are curious about the religion, this is a good place to understand the religion, for this is short and concise. 


03.00     LIFE 


05.00  SEETA

06.00 KRSNA

07.00 INCARNATIONS, Vibhutis AND Teachers of Dharma

08.00 AUM


10.00  GAYATRI

11.00 VEDAS

12.00   Brahmanas

13.00 Aranyakas

14.00 Upanishads



17.00  YOGA 


My most adorable grandsons Krsna, Dave, and Robert,

The whole world is restless. Everybody is in search of Peace and Happiness. But where to find it? The answer is inside us. SCRIPTURES help us in this endeavor because Scriptures describe GOD who is the GENERATOR+ OPERATOR+ DESTROYER of everything. Study of Scriptures shows us the way one can get Peace. Once one has Peace, Happiness comes automatically. Then, nothing else is needed. Scriptures of all the religions are to be respected. They serve the same purpose. But Hindu Scriptures, the oldest in the world, are also the finest.

I know a day will come when you will feel like knowing about Hindu Scriptures. Then you may not be able to get any book good enough to tell you briefly, correctly, and clearly about it. Hence I am preparing these Notes and Essays about Hinduism. The Essays are my original writings and the Notes are collection of information and data scattered over tens of thousands of pages. I hope you will find these useful and like them.

May God bless you always and in every way.

Your loving Grandpa,



Wednesday July 28, 2004



Hinduism Islam Christianity Sikhism

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