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Inside Edition on NBC yesterday covered the story of a home invasion in an Indian American family's home in California. In San Jose, Bikrim and Bani Singh were out while their family friend, Rosie, was babysitting the Singhs' little girl. What followed was a terrifying experience that every person who is ever home-alone dreads, and the entire action was caught on security cameras that the family had installed following another break-in couple of years back.

The surveillance video showed that the invaders entered the home through an unlocked door. They picked knives from the drawers in the kitchen and then made their way upstairs. The thieves then realized that somebody was actually home, in one of the rooms. They try to break down the door, kicked a hole close to the door knob. At that point, Rosie ran with the baby in the bathroom and locked the door, screaming out that she had called 911. That worked! the robbers took off.

Needless to say, the parents of the baby were grateful beyond words could desrcibe!

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We say...

As news of such burglaries are being covered, it's hard to not get frustrated at the misconstrued 'facts' that are being reported as well. For instance, Fox4 news once mentioned the supposedly 'Indian culture' of 'stashing gold'. Stashing gold? Really? Such misleading 'facts' are irresponsible and only put us at a greater risk. Kudos to Inside Edition for carrying the story without so-called "facts".

On our part, we as a community must make sure that we do everything in our power to avoid being a victim of burglary. Do take the basic precautions (the police have been giving some of these tips to the Indian American communities that they have been addressing) mentioned here.

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