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Author Autographed Book For A Cause. together

 (Photo Credit: Raashi Kulshrestha)

Caryl M. Stern is the author of the book, 'I Believe In Zero: Learning From The World's Children' (published Oct 1, 2013) 

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Meeting Caryl Stern........

By Raashi Kulshrestha

There were about thirty of us, all sitting in a narrow hall with long tables extending from one side of the room to another. Thirty high school students, there to hear what Caryl M. Stern, CEO of the U.S. Funds for UNICEF, had to say. Thirty high school students eager to absorb words of inspiration to contribute to their world. Once Stern walked in, you could just feel the respect that everyone in the room had for this woman who's trying to mobilize the masses to help the world reach "zero". Zero, as she describes it, being- "zero poverty, zero hunger, zero disease." In her quest to attain this goal, she has been to over 40 countries to witness and to provide, those in need, a helping help. Her dedication to the cause clearly touches all in the room.

Caryl Stern starts the presentation by sketching an image in our minds, an image if a 6 year old girl holding the hand of her 4 year old brother, waiting to board a ship with a woman they had barely met, at a port in Vienna, ready to escape to New York in US at the request of their parents. Their parents were going to be left behind to face the nazis who were said to be arriving soon. The kids were dropped off at an orphanage in New York. The little girl in the story was Caryl Stern's mother. Stern grew up believing that one person can make a difference. She went on to become the President and CEO of U. S. Funds for UNICEF, doing her share to make a difference.

When she was done talking and answering questions, we took some photos. After that, we were able to sneak in an opportunity to go up to her and to just thank her for words of inspiration. It was really an honor to get to meet her in person and shake her hand, and feel her warmth. It would not have been possible had not chosen to become a part of the UNICEF club at school.

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for a cause. together

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