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I, Me Aur Main

This John Abraham starer was released in Mar 2013 and vanished without making an impression at the box office. But when you're 'housed-in' by a cold front that has outlived its welcome, this is one good movie to watch- as we discovered, under exactly that circumstances.

The movie was the directorial debut of Kapil Sharma, son of noted astronaut, Rakesh Sharma.He went on to direct 'The Darjeeling Unlimited' (remember we mentioned this recently with respect to Waris Ahluwalia?) and the much more popular, 'Gajani' (an Aamir Khan starer).

But more than any other information, I'm really eager to get to what I loved about the movie. Of course, everybody knows that John Abraham is a good actor and always does do justice to whatever role he's in and whatever character he sets out to portray. So I'm actually not going to dwell on that. Rest assured, he, as always, has done well. But what I can't wait to talk about are three things-

#1. The women in the movie. They're simply awesome- his mother (Zarina Wahab), his sister (), his girl-friend (), his ex-girlfriend (), his boss ()- everyone ! I was especially impressed with Chitrangda Singh's portrayal of today's confident, successful and independent woman in a very global avatar, complete with a gorgeous wardrobe and a very posh apartment with sleek, contemporary furniture (you would want to notice everything about her). Equally impressive was Raima Sen, again, as a confident and successful boss, managing a music company, ruling over men reporting to her, with one big difference. Her wardrobe. I loved the fact that the makers of the movie chose to dress her in an Indian attire- sleeveless blouses with low backs, subtly sensually- worn saris and an aura of authority completed her look. The sister, Mini Mathur leaves you impressed too.

#2  The sets and the locations. You hear Mumbai and Pune but tend to assume America when the movie begins. And again at the end, the hospital seems just like those here in America. Those who have been out of India for a long time would find it hard to believe that those kind of hospital rooms do in fact exists in India now. I guess  I did also mention that posh apartment, didn't I? The office atmosphere, the not-so posh apartment later in the movie are still all good.

#3. Lastly, the story line itself. Again, throughout the movie you will likely forget that you're watching an Indian movie. The story flows in a very natural and current-to-times manner and ends in exactly that note too.

Yes, this one's a must watch on Netflix/ DVD. It's a clean movie with good songs, but modern day situation (read live-in relationship and out-of-wedlock pregnancy). 

(review by Sonal Kulshrestha) 

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dvd recommendations

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