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india and poop- know what we're talking about?

"We all remember the disgusting India poo scene from the fictional movie 'Slum Dog Millionaire'? Well turns out, IT'S NOT FICTIONAL! TMZ Poo presents- India's Number 1 Problem, Number 2! Starring poo!" So goes the story on TMZ, one of the most popular TV show about celebrity gossip & entertainment news in America."There's a problem in India where people poop in the streets", Harvey Levin, the producer and the lead presenter, and his team, go on to laugh and joke about open defecation in India. And what are they talking about? 

UNICEF has produced a PSA, a music video called 'Take The Poo To The Loo' to encourage the people of India to use the toilets (those who don't already, that is- we have to add). 

The short promotional video proudly claims-

"Presenting the First Poo Song in the history of India!

The song has been created by Shri (who holds stunning compositions like the theme for the movie 'Life of Pi' to his credit) ".

According to the website for the promotion, daily 620 million Indians are defecating in the open. That's half the population dumping over 65 million kilos of poo out there every day. If this poo continues to be let loose on us, there will be no escaping the stench of life-threatening diseases, infections and epidemics. It's time to take the poo to the loo, it declares. The campaign's logo is, 'ENOUGH OF THIS SH*T. RAISE YOUR VOICE AGAINST OPEN DEFECATION.'

The campaign urges readers to, "Think about it. Half the population doesn’t use a toilet while the other half of the population accepts it. We simply accept India as it is.  We are part of the issue, part of the acceptance. 

So, if you give a shit about this issue, then don’t just scrunch up 
your nose and walk away.
Join the ‘Take Poo to the Loo’ campaign and pledge your support to a poo-free nation. 

You may join this campaign by signing a personal pledge that will reach the Hon’ble President of India. 
Every time you and your friends take the pledge, you signal your intolerance towards an India that accepts open defecation to none other than the Hon’ble President of India."

So far, 1,14,610 pledges have been made.

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Watch the TMZ coverage, Video Credit: TMZ 

 Watch the full UNICEF PSA video, Video Credit: UNICEF.

The website also presents facts and stats, as follows- 
  • Inadequate water supply and sanitation in schools are health hazards and affect school attendance, retention and educational performance.
  • 7 states in India (Orissa, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar) account for almost 50% (13.8 million) children without access to toilet facilities in schools.
  • At the current rate of progress, India will only achieve the sanitation target of MDG 7-c.
  • Water safety is being compromised by open defecation as faeces in the open contaminate drinking water in family and community wells.
  • With 44 percent of mothers disposing their children's feaces in the open, thers is a very high risk of microbial contamination of water which causes diarrhoea in children.
  • Women and girls face shame and a loss of personal dignity and safety risk if there is no toilet at home. They have to wait for night to relieve themselves to avoid being seen by others.

We were talking about TMZ's coverage of the story in the US. Various funny comments are made, "If you thought your job was crappy, India has it's fecal matter well in hands" and so on. Poor Al Roker, of NBC Today, who has confessed to having pooped in his pants (side-effect of gastric bypass surgery) in the past, got dragged in the fun and laughter as the news item ended with him and a picture of the magnificent Taj Mahal with the message, 'Come to India'.

We say, kudos to UNICEF for taking up the cause of open defecation in India. In this age of fast and furious news travel, it's not surprising that India's poop problem is quickly becoming a laughing matter for the world. India has only itself to blame.  What do you say?

(In the interest of keeping the conversation going, we will cover the 'Open Defecation Issue In India' in our segment 'let's say it' too. For that, we want your comment on this piece here. Post your comments and we'll quote you in our article there (if you're okay with that). 


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