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Every year on November 14th, India celebrates Children's Day. The day honors India's first Prime Minister and a key player in India's freedom fight, Jawaharlal Nehru whose birthday falls on this day. The day is celebrated by organizing various cultural programs and activities in schools and government institutions across the country.

Jawaharlal Nehru, lovingly referred to as 'Chacha' (uncle) Nehru was born on Nov 14th 1889 in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh state of India. 

Here are five things that every child of Indian origin must know about Nehruji-

#1. Nehru was born into a rich family that was originally from Kashmir. He did his schooling from home and from Harrow School in England. He got a degree in Natural Science from Cambridge and  then in Law in England also. 

#2. Nehru returned to India in 1912 where the Freedom struggle against the Britishers was just picking steam. He practiced law for a few years before giving it up and joining ranks with Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of freedom fight who he deeply revered . It was 1919, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre had just happened. Nehru supported and propagated Gandhiji’s Non-Cooperation and Boycott Movement of 1920. There's was no looking back for him after that.

#3. In 1928, Nehru became the President of the National Congress Party leading the struggle alongside Gandhi, repeatedly getting imprisoned by the British for civil disobedience.

#4. In 1947, the British agreed to grant India it's Independence. Nehru played a key role in negotiating India's Independence, opposing it's division into two separate countries. Although he couldn't save India from being divided, India did become independent on Aug 15th 1947. Nehru then became the first Prime Minister of independent India. The first conflict he faced was over the state of Kashmir with the newly born Pakistan. Unfortunately, the conflict remains to this date.

#5. Nehru's reign as a leader is marked by India's progress and modernization. Many Indian institutions of higher education were established, including the Indian Institutes of Technology and the National Institutes of Technology. He introduced Five-Year plans that focused on free and compulsory primary education for children. He loved children and his focus was their welfare. And so "Children's Day" was born- to honor him. Socially, he worked to uplift the plight of Hindu widows and abolish caste discrimination. Internationally, he led the efforts toward a "Nonalignment Policy' during the "cold wars" days between the US and the USSR. Nehru led India through the 1962 war against China that India lost. Nehru's health declined after that and he died on 27th May 1964.

Interestingly,  Nehru's daughter, Indira Gandhi went on to be India's Prime Minister between 1966 and 1984 before being assassinated in 1984. Later, his grandson, Indira's son- Rajiv Gandhi also led India from 1984 to 1989 before he too was assassinated. His family is still actively involved in the Indian political scene today with Rajiv Gandhi's Italian born widow, Sonia Gandhi leading the ruling party and her son Rahul being promoted as the next successor. However, there are some, perhaps many, who long to see the end of their rule in India. Whether that happens or not, Jawarharlal Nehru's legacy will certainly live on. 

(Source: Biography)


A Kumon center in Texas run by an Indian American, Manu Shahi, celebrated Children's Day this Nov 14th. It was a fun day for the kids as they got to play games with the staff. Adding to the excitement were the fire truck and the gaming truck parked in front of the center that the kids got to explore and play in.

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