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So Kabir Bedi, 70, marries for the forth time (picture above, credits- Parveen's twitter account)

Who did he marry? Parveen Dusanj

Who is she: As her social media profile proclaims, she's a
"Producer, Social Butterfly, Actor's Muse, Activist, Book lover, Traveler, Domestic Goddess"

What is interesting about this wedding? The fact that this is Kabir Bedi's 4th marriage. Add to that, another fact- that Parveen, 42, is four years younger than Kabir's first-born, Pooja Bedi, from his first wife, Protima Bedi.

What's their story? Kabir and Parveen are 29 years apart in age and they have been dating for the past 10 years. The two got married on Jan 15th 2016. On his 70th birthday, Kabir surprised his guests with a reception and wedding news. Guests in attendance included son Adam Bedi, film stars Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen among others. 


Pooja Bedi (photo below, credit-her twitter account) is clearly unhappy with the news of her father and his partner, Parveen, tying the knot. Not only does she have to deal with the fact that her step-mom is 4 years younger to her, but she also has to come to terms with not being invited to the wedding that was attended by his son, Adam Bedi, So what did she do. Took to twitter of course! To say what? To tweet- “Every fairy tale has a wicked witch or an evil step-mother. Mine just arrived! Kabir Bedi just married Parveen Dusanj”. 

Obviously the forth-time-new-husband stood up for his 4th wife. What did he do? Took to twitter, of course! To say what? To reprimand his daughter for her misbehavior, tweeting-" Jan 18

DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED by venomous comments by my daughter Pooja against just after we married. NO excuse for bad behaviour."

Pooja later tweeted, "Deleted the last tweet on my dad @iKabirBedi 4th marriage. Lets keep things positive. I Wish him the best !!!" 

On the other hand, Kabir's son, Adam Bedi (left, photo credit-his twitter account. Man! Does he look like his father or what!!)  is apparently pleased at his father marriage. His tweet? Of course, there is tweet- 
"Feeling happy and proud to have been a part of the beautiful wedding of my father & ! Magical energies! God bless" 

Adam is Kabir's son from his second wife, British-born fashion designer Susan Humphreys. He is an international model. Kabir's third marriage was to TV and Radio Presenter, Nikki Bedi. And now his forth wife, Parveen is also British-born.

WE SAY ...

First off, Pooja Bedi, that which you can't change, you simply accept. Does you good. Does everyone good, especially when it comes to family. Besides, you don't want to be the hindrance in your father's happiness.

Secondly, Mr. Kabir Bedi, as a parent, you cannot resort to tit-for-tat behavior. Just because your daughter took to twitter, you didn't need to. Be a parent-always. Talk to her in private, don't reprimand her in public.

Thirdly. the new Mrs. Kabir Bedi, you're off the hook either. While we can't profess to know what went on between you and Pooja that got her off the guest list at her own father's wedding, we do know, you never exclude family. Never ever. It is unfortunate that Mr. Bedi didn't stand up for his daughter.

Now, we don't have to be the voice of reason here. People must know that they can never air their dirty laundry in public. Guys, tweet not your private matters, its private for a reason. Is that so hard to understand?

Lastly, older men have got to understand one simple rule- yes, its a rule, a reasonable person's rule- try not to get involved with a woman that is your daughter's age, or son's for that matter. Same goes for older women, try not to hook up with men who are your kid's age. That said, if love happens, then who's say who thinks sanely?

So congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bedi! May you always love each other and may your love bring your families together!



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