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KAHAANI 2- Durga Rani Singh: FILM INFO

If you loved the first Kahaani, which you most likely did, this one is right up your alley. A thriller that keeps you interested.

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Release Date: 2nd December, 2016.

Starring : 
Vidya Balan, Arjun RampalTunisha SharmaNaisha Khanna, Jugal Hansraj 

Produced by : Sujoy Ghosh, Jayantilal Gada

Directed by : Sujoy Ghosh

Written By : Sujoy Ghosh, Ritesh Shah

Story By : Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair
(All Credits for movie information  and video trailer- Eros Now )

 FILM REVIEW by Sonal Kulshrestha

Suspense thriller, Kahaani 2, is exactly that- a suspense thriller.  And if you were enthralled by the first one, the second in the series will leave you just as captivated,

The good-

#1. The cast: There is no second guessing how good Vidya Balan has executed her role. Anyone who has seen the previous one in the series (2012), or her Dirty Picture (2011), or her Paa (2009) or Parineeta (2005) or any other film of hers for that matter would know that she is never short of perfection. I would say the same for Arjun Rampal as well. I am a huge fan of his and he has earned every bit of that admiration. Jugal Hansraj has surprised those who didn't quite credited him with talent, including me. 

Apart from the leads, the supporting cast have molded themselves to the roles in a way that is expected in movies that clearly rise to levels beyond the average normally spurned out in film capital of India. Naisha Khanna as the child Minni, the cops, Manini Chadha as Arjun Rampal's wife- they have all contributed to this very fine production.

#2. The plot: Again, kudos to the story writer to once again raise a issue that is shoved under the rug, kept hushed and never discussed publicly in India. In the interest of keeping this review spoiler-free, I will not reveal the plot. Suffice to say, the issue is woven into the fabric of the movie in a way that both raises awareness and keeps you riveted.

#3. The set & costumes: Vidya Balan's entire look wins the best characterization award. Her whole get up in every frame literally forces you to notice every aspect of it- the makeup-less face, the saree or the very ordinary salwar-kameez and last but not the least, the absolute award-winning outfit was the long cardigan- over- kurta look complete with frizzy-curly- tied- back hair! It take guts to sport the look, and Vidya Balan is the epitome of courage. Prepare to be amazed at her character and the clothing in every shot. Of course,  In fact, got to give a good pat on the back to the producer/ director to have the good sense of not casting somebody with skinny/ slender frame. Arjun Rampal's chiseled frame never goes unnoticed. The same can be said about the very ordinary city lanes and buildings that you mostly see in the film.

The Not So Good ...

#1. Some might call the plot dark, few of the settings devoid of sufficient lighting that helps to enhance the darkness.

#2.  The suspense aspect of the film is not as high as the original Kahaani in the franchise. Some probably even expected the "twist".


The movie justifies been given the status of a sequel to the first Kahaani in the series. Apparently there were talks of the movie releasing as Durga Rani Singh with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan playing the lead, as per an article in Indian Express back in October 2015, the makers going with Kahaani franchise after seeing the similarity in suspense aspect. Personally, I like the exposure the film gives to the very real and painful issue that ends up being at the core of the plot (again, refraining from giving details in the interest of keeping the review spoiler-free). Certain issues have been neglected far too long in India, issues that get front and center attention when out of the box thinkers make off beat movies with these as the underlying themes. This is a good one to watch with your husband, even though you will be okay to wait to watch on Netflix.

How did it fare?

According to Koimoi, this thriller flick raked in 6.30 crores in its 2nd week and now stands with the grand total of 30.56 crores on December 17th. 

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