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(Photo Credit: Photo from Kiran Bedi's Twitter account)

 The news ..

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The news media has been abuzz with news of India's first woman IPS officer, Kiran Bedi taking on the challenge of fighting for the Chief Ministerial position in Delhi on a BJP (Bharitiya Janta Party) ticket. Kiran Bedi has been reigned in by the BJP in an attempt to instate a formidable candidate to counter the popular Aam Admi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, the 45-day wonder in the position that he seeks again. Ms. Bedi will contest from Krishna Nagar constituency of Delhi. 

Interestingly Bedi had joined the 'India Against Corruption' movement  led by Anna Hazare, to demand from Government in Power a strong Anti Corruption Law, called Lokpal. Joining BJP is a decision that has been inspired by the Modi Movement, we hear.

Ten things about Kiran Bedi that we love and respect her for ...

We all know that Kiran Bedi is India's first woman to join officer ranks of the Indian Police Service (IPS). But long before she earned that distinction, she had the making of becoming a person who would make a difference, and a difference she did make. During her career as a cop, she fought corruption and crime, in every department that she posted in.

  1. Kiran Bedi's academic qualifications include Masters in Political Science from Punjab University Chandigarh, Law Degree from Delhi University, and PHD from IIT Delhi.
  2. She earned the nickname 'Crane Bedi' as she strictly enforced the traffic laws in the streets of Delhi during the regime in the Delhi Traffic force using Cranes to tow away wrongly parked cars, not even sparing the car of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. 
  3. During her tenure as Deputy Director General Narcotics in the Narcotics Control Bureau, she conducted many operations to eradicate illegal opium and cannabis cultivation, arresting many drug traffickers.
  4. During her time in Mizoram as the Deputy Inspector General, she introduced much needed police reforms in the State such as collaborative people-police anti drug trafficking measures to check flow of contraband. This was during the insurgency in Mizoram. Because of her tough enforcements, the extremist group there surrendered and signed a peace agreement when they realized that the police will not relent.
  5. Then she worked in the Tihar Jail of Delhi in 1993 where she brought about path-breaking prison reforms, introducing literacy, computer skills, yoga, meditation, feedback boxes, etc. Kiran is known to be the highest ranking and the only woman to have headed a predominantly male prison of the dimension of Tihar (with over 9700 prisoners then). She converted the high security prison into a "Reformatory", earning the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service in the year 1994. The process of transformation of Tihar is documented in Kiran's book "It's Always Possible".
  6. Kiran's posting as Special Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, Delhi further proved her proficiency. Kiran is known to have set up a whole new system of grievance redressal which perhaps is a most comprehensive system devised by any governor's office in India. Each matter was computerized, acknowledge, responded, referred, followed up, reviewed, test checked in selective cases and complainant informed of the outcome, before the matter was closed. During her tenure 64,403 matters were addressed to 71% satisfaction. Her system was a road map to good governance.
  7. Then came her posting as an Inspector General of Police of the city of Chandigarh. The story was the same here. She toughened traffic enforcement, removed encroachments from the roads, got people involved in policing, invited student participation, strengthened policing in the slums, improved police welfare, streamlined the police control room response systems, and got all NGOs of the city participate in crime prevention.
  8. During her posting in the Police Training College since June 1998, she brought about additions such as courses on Cyber crimes, gender sensitization, workshops on Human Rights and Vipassana Meditation. The bottom line was 'Let us learn to police ourselves first, before we police others'. Her faculty of police officers have all become authors and are writing workbooks on various subjects such as F.I.R., Crime against women, terrorism, suicide, drugs, etc.  
  9. Her last appointment was as Director General of India's Bureau of Police Research and Development. Here too she brought about the revival of the entire department, by bringing it under planned funds, co-opting with many academic institutions for collaborative work and getting it a functioning website. 
  10. Between 1979 and 2014, Kiram Bedi has been bestowed with several awards and recognition, the most recent one being thL'OREAL Paris FEMINA WOMEN's AWARDS, 2014 for SOCIAL IMPACT

We say .... 

 As her candidature was announced, Kiran Bedi tweeted her enthusiasm thus- "My 6-S for Delhi~~Saaksher, Swasth, Sakshum, Surakshit, Sanskari and Sabki--Delhi, Meaning-literate,healthy,capable,secure,ethical,inclusive". She also tweeted her '6Ps for the 'holistic security to women+~~People(parents principals+) Politicians, Police, Prosecution,Prisons,Press with Govt as HUB'. She later tweeted, "Times for new kind of politics...from perineal accusations to constructive analysis. Not for power or position but largest good & service".

We say, simply that there is little doubt that if Kiran Bedi is at the helm of things in Delhi, all will be well ...

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UPDATE: Feb 10th 2015 


AAP swept the Delhi Assembly Elections, BJP got mere 3 seats and Congress is quite literally nowhere- losing all!


The mood is that "Aam aadmi" (the common man) rules...

Well, the people have spoken and they seem to be sure of what they want. The Arvind Kejriwal landslide victory is a verdict that will have to be accepted as the outcome that the 'aam aadmi' (the common man) wants. And what 'aam aadmi' wanted was simple- they had liked the first 49 days of AAP rule, they hated that it came to an abrupt end, they knew exactly what it was- AK's aspirations to become a PM, they made him pay for his runaway act in the national elections, they were happy when AK accepted that his intentions were what everyone suspected, that he was wrong. They were asked for forgiveness and they forgave. They forgave because they liked the 49 days and want more of that. It really is as simple as that. Now, if we feel AK is a mirage in a desert, we will know soon enough- because that is the virtue of bringing someone to power with such clarity- they prove it or forever hold their peace. The "what-if" will go away for good at the very least with respect to AK ..


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