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Author: Khushwant Singh

Publisher:     Amaryllis

Let's get down to it-


 The author skillfully interweaves the story of a Sikh teenager from Chandigarh's  privileged class with the tumultuous history of the Sikhs in India's recent past as well as with the royal Sikh family of the pre- independence days.

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The full-of-life Punjabis have been victim of partition, pogrom and terrorism during, and post independence, but their story has a colorful past that goes past these dark events even. The tale of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of Punjab, and the facts surrounding his life has been deftly brought into the story as a starting point to the adventure that follows right to the most recent event that has affected the life a Sikh today. In short, the fictional story takes a reader through a journey down history, painting scenarios that shake you to core for you believe they occurred just the way the author describes them. You believe, because you know they are just that- tragic realities of many unfortunate families. The writing is powerful, managing to convey the mammoth tragedies that had befallen hundreds of families via the tale of one family, one scenario. The message of atrocity is amply conveyed through few pages before moving the story along- from one historical event to next- some colorful, some dark.

Do pick this book and start your journey of Sikh history with Khushwant Singh. If possible share the book with your 13+ kids and remember to have an in-depth conversation with them on various different topics the book presents the readers with.

About the author:

Khushwant Singh is also the author of best-selling Sikhs Unlimited, a travelogue from UK to USA featuring extraordinary Sikhs and Turbaned Tornado, biography of Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathon runner apart from the best-selling novel Maharaja in Denims, a story set in Chandigarh

His Sunday column, ‘Punjabi by Nature’ in The Hindustan Times on the passions, problems and idiosyncracies of the region, is widely read. An alumnus of St. John’s High School, Chandigarh and Department of Mass Communication, Panjab University, Khushwant Singh has also written for the Times of India, The Tribune, BBC Online and India Today.

His work on the Punjabis and Sikh diaspora is used extensively as research material by western universities, thus earning him the title of being a chronichler of the Sikhs of the new century.

Khushwant Singh was born in 1972 and presently stays in Chandigarh with his wife Harmala and son Adiraj. 

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