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Today Oracle wound up its biggest technology event in San Francisco (Sep 19- Sep 22). On day 2, among the key note speakers was none other that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis who was visiting all the way from the State that boasts of the largest state economy in India- Maharashtra. The minister was introduced by the Oracle CEO Safra Catz as she spoke of her excitement at partnering with the Indian minister to bring forth huge technological advancements in the state, including development of 10 smart cities in the State. The two exchanged MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) aimed at accelerating digital transformation and developing a smart city Center of Excellence (CoE) powered by Oracle Cloud. The CoE will be in Mumbai and will deliver better government-to-citizen (G2C) and government-to-business (G2B) services that individual cities will be able to scale and replicate.

When Mr. Devendra Fadnavis took stage at the Yerba Bueno Gardens in San Francisco, he reminded thousands of attendees present at the conference that he belongs to a country with billion plus population, a country which is passing through a demographic advantage. "A country which has aspirational root- 50 % of the population is below 25 years of age, 65% of the population is below 35 years of age and by 2020 when the median on average age of India would be 29 years,  average age of Japan- will be 48 years, of USA- will be 37 year, of Europe- will be more than 41, and so the country with all youthful resource will be none other than India", he said. Youth with technology aspirations will drive the economy, he further noted. He talked of converting this population into human resource by creating jobs, a sustainable habitat, and so speed and scale is the key to make the maximum out of the demographic advantage that will last 15 to 20 years. And the solution is technology, he said. "There cannot be a better place than Oracle Open World where all the brightest minds in technology are available. So I am here to find solution. Talking of Maharashtra he said, "I belong to a State with a population of 113 million people. He went on to say that by 2020 we want to create a economic situation where growth trajectory is on auto pilot mode that is possible only if we have digital transformation. "I think Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics will allow us to prioritize and deploy all resources". He hoped that technology will ensure transparent delivery of services and there is no exclusion, ensuring inclusive growth since technology is gender neutral, person neutral. He also said that in Maharashtra we have already created a single delivery platform and by 2nd of October all the services that are delivered by the Government- the Municipal agencies, the district Panchayats- all the services, will not only be available on the digital platform but will also be available on handheld. "So a smartphone will empower people to use technology to avail all the services at the right time, right cost and absolute transparency", he added. We also talked about creating connectivity in the 300+ towns and cities as well as 29,000 villages in the State which would ensure that nobody is excluded in the State. He also talked about Prime Minister's Smart City initiative saying that with smart city we would be able to transform by inclusion and participation of all. I ended his speech by saying, "We want Oracle to be a partner in realizing this dream and thank you Safra and Oracle for partnering with the State of Maharashtra. But I want for you all to partner. We want to transform in very little time. We have capability, we have political will, what we really need is this brilliant minds who come up with all this technology so that lives of billion people are transformed. I once again thank Oracle. I feel that this is a 21st century renaissance of technology and I am happy that you invited me here to interact with such wonderful people"..

The Proposed Program ...

So what does the proposed projects under the program include? According to oracle's website, some of the planned projects to be finalized by the year-end are-

  • Smart city in a box
  • Digital platform to deliver smart city services across the state
  • Unified app development for services like drivers license renewals or property tax payments
  • Resources to manage utilities, including water and power
  • Connected infrastructure across all devices, kiosks and citizens
  • (Photo Credit: Below,

WE SAY ...

Oracle's collaboration with the Indian State of Maharashtra will not only be in perfect alignment with the Indian Prime Minister's vision of a digital India but will also provide the much needed technological framework for other states to follow. Sitting in the audience, watching and feeling the excitement shared between one of the global leaders in technology and one of the most economically viable States of India, gives lot of hope. Hope that India has finally found the leaders that will take it to the brink of world success. Hope that India will eventually clean up and bridge the gap between its rich and poor. Hope that the face of India is about to change- in a manner that few dare to imagine.

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