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New SAT Math classes starting soon ... visit our website to find out more.

“SAT Math course is really good because it helped me learn a lot in a short period of time and I made a perfect score on SAT Math.”- Josette Chang  


 At Math Hooligans rigorous math is a given. They pursue joy, creativity, and kindness. As a result, excellence follows. 

How was the concept conceived? 

When Bhanu Jain, founder and director of Math Hooligans, first started thinking about making Math fun for her two girls, little did she know that her ideas will one day take the shape of a business where she will get the opportunity of providing an atmosphere where making math fun will follow as a natural byproduct of pursuing joy, creativity and kindness for many other kids as well.

The concept might have started with her kids, but teaching kids went way back for Bhanu. Bhanu 's earliest memories of helping kids with Math goes back to when she was in 7th grade and the kids she helped were her fellow classmates. She realized that doing Math gave her peace just like music brings peace to many. So her students lose their fear and receive that peace while doing math with her. Fast forward to life with her own kids- while constantly trying to make their learning experience fun, she first thought of starting her own business doing just that- making learning an experience that comes naturally by removing the competition from it, by inducing fun in it. She realized that kids, especially girls tend to collaborate and she knew she could tap into that innate sense of wanting to collaborate in order to make learning fun minus the competition. 

The idea takes shape ...

The year was 2009. Bhanu was excited as her dream was finally taking shape. However, she soon realized that the kids who were all set to start the program varied from missing 60% to 15% of the TAKS (the standard testing in Texas as it was then called) sample test questions that they were tested on. That night she spent 23 hours writing individual class curriculum for each child, tailoring the generic curriculum to fit each child's needs. Ever since, that has been her modus operandi- to cater to individual child's needs as if they were her own.

How did the term 'Math Hooligans' come about? 

Bhanu talks of an Irish family. Their last name was Houlihan. The family always seemed to be having a lot of fun to the point of bothering others. When the idea of opening a math center came to her, she just knew that Math Hooligans would be the perfect name to represent her concept. True to her vision, her students tell her that the time they spent in class is a party for them. 

How is her approach to teaching Math different from others in the business? 

Bhanu's answer makes perfect sense. Bhanu and her family had travelled all over the world. She knew first hand that people everywhere struggled with Math, while children speak their native language with ease everywhere. So at Math Hooligans, Math is the medium of instruction, she says. Their approach to teaching is to make kids "fluent" in Math and not set them up for competition. Their students often use the national percentile to measure their own growth in the subject.

What you'll see at Math Hooligans ...

1) Students are often playful while still being respectful and kind towards each other
2) Hotel Hooligans constructed during the SAT intensive math class
3) Hotel Hooligans with a twist - literally! This ivolves creativity during a SAT intensive math class
4) A study of mangoes and guava during SAT intensive math class
5) Skies above Palestine - a students view during a SAT intensive math class

6) A Hooligan heartbeat  - creativity during a SAT intensive math class 


Recently in a group of 4 students who took their SAT math prep course, one student made a perfect score on SAT math, the two sophomores scored at 99th and 94th percentile respectively on PSAT math and the junior scored at the 99th percentile overall on SAT  exam. Several pictures shown here are from the same SAT intensive class.

Many students who hated math have been able to turn around and find a new love for math at Math Hooligans.

 A student who recently scored at the 99th percentile on PSAT math exam said: ""Math Hooligans has not only helped me in the weekly SAT practice tests that I take, but also in Algebra II. I have noticed a spillover effect of the values and study habits that have been instilled in my life over the past weeks. On balance, my grades have gone up and I believe that I will continue to do well into the future."

(Pictures: Math Hooligans at play ... err work) 

Math Hooligans Contact Information: www.mathhooligans.com     


Email: contact@mathhooligans.com   

Phone: 817-800-0390 

Classes taught: 2nd Grade to 8th Grade  Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, SAT Math.

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(Bhanu Jain's statement)

"There are several reasons why Math Hooligans loves to support desideewar:
Math Hooligans is run by a woman – so is desideewar.  
Math hooligans wants to make a significant difference in our society – so does desideewar.
Math Hooligans works to raise capable, persevering, dependable, ethical, compassionate girls (and boys) who will be world class leaders and in whose hands our world will be safe. Sonal Kulshrestha,  desideewar’s founder, is already one such person- very capable, talented,  full of potential, and compassionate- so at Math Hooligans, we like to invest in a better  society by investing in her and her work."
-Bhanu Jain, Founder and Director of Math Hooligans.

WE SAY ... 

 Thank you, Bhanu Jain. We truly appreciate your support and encouragement. We think you are a very large heart-ed and a dynamic woman who certainly makes a difference in this world ...

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