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Mohit Kallianpur

You might know Mohit Kallianpur but you certainly know and love his work. For this behind the scene man has created some very captivating and awe inspiring scenes on screen in some of the most admired animation movies of the past decade. Yes, you name your favorite animation and sure enough, Mohit has been involved. So let's start, our two absolute favorites, and yours too, of course, are- Frozen, that's still running in the theaters and 'Tangled', the cutest and the best of all times. Kallianpur was the lighting supervisor in the former and the light and lighting artist in the later. Then there was the 'Chicken Little' in 2005 in which he was the sequence lead and the 'Treasure Planet' in 2002 in which he was the lightning artist. Apart from the Visual Effects department in the above movies, he has also been involved in the animation department for 'Bolt' as a sequence lead in 2008.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the Look and Lighting Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He graduated from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in 1990 with M. Sc in Computer Science. He then moved to America, graduating from University of South Carolina-Columbia in 1995 with an MS in Computer Science. And has since worked with Walt Disney.


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