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Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day

(Photo credit: Raashi K)

Mother’s Day

We wish our readers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Every woman who is a mother, or has ever “mother-ed” any child, be it her sister’s kid or a friend’s, certainly deserves this very special day designated to her.

To all the mothers who live far away from the children they spent the prime of their lives raising, know that you’re thought of every single day in a very special way! This is specially true for first generation Indians living outside of India. Hard though it is for the mothers in India, they know they're loved and thought of fondly always and especially today. Of course, this is not a 'desi tyohaar', an Indian festival. But the day is practically celebrated the world over in this global age.

So how did the second Sunday of May come to be observed as the Mother’s Day? 

Anna Jarvis, from Philadelphia, is the mother of Mother’s Day. Anna Marie Jarvis lobbied for years to have a designated day to honor mothers in memory of her own mother whose desire it was to have a memorial day for mothers. Anna finally succeeded in her efforts when in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson established Mother's Day. The second Sunday in May was designated as the Mother's Day.

The way Mother’s day is celebrated today is way more commercialized than what Anna had in mind. Today, Mother’s Day is a $ 20 billion holiday, according to The National Retail Federation. But the essence of the day is maintained. Honor Thy Mother.


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