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Jan 31 2014

Movie Review: Jai Ho

Jai Ho, produced and directed by Sohail Khan, starring Salman Khan, Tabu and newcomer, Daisy Shah, released on Jan 24th. The movie had generated lot of excitement for two reasons- first, because it brought back Salman Khan after over a gap of 13 months (his last was Dabangg 2 in Dec 2012), and second, it was pitted against 'Dhoom 3' as the 'Khan vs Khan' battle for supremacy with Aamir Khan. We found that the movie gives you exactly what you look for in it.

So what's good-

1. It's a typical Salman Khan movie. With Dabangg kind of action sequences, complete with shirts being ripped off to expose chiseled torso of not only our main man, but the bad guy's too. Salman delivers in a true Dabanng style.

2. The movie actually goes a step ahead of the Dabangg series in that, apart from our hero single-handedly taking on dozens of well armed goons, he also has a message to spread- help three people instead of thanking him and ask each one of them to help three in return, thereby setting in motion, a chain of doing good. In that respect, I would say, the movie is half-Dabangg and half-Munna Bhai. And on both counts, the movie delivers.

3. Talking of rest of the cast, Tabu, of course, can never be not good. She's played the part to perfection-as always. As for Daisy Shah, she sometimes reminds you of Shilpa Shetty and at other times of Rani Mukherjee minus her talent. Lets' just say, in her debut movie, she leaves no mark. Hopefully, she'll get more chances to prove herself. And Danny? Well, Danny is Danny. Nadira Babbar has done well in a mother role. Her vast experience in theatre shows. Makes you wonder why didn't she do movies sooner.

4. Now the songs- one song that truly catches your attention is 'Baaki Sab First Class Hai'. The song location is good, the choreography is good, but it's the lyrics that really catches your attention, with lines like, 'Kehte hain India great hai,  Yahaan betiyaan unsafe hain' and 'Apna haq khud badhkar chheeno

Tum bhrastachar se fight karo'. 


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And what's not-

1. As much as the mass mentality is 'pakar kar maro, s***n ko', that really is not a solution. In fact, even though it might give some satisfaction to see the bad guys beaten up, end of the day, India needs real solution to its numerous problems. To be fair, this movie does provide a really easy way of spreading the goodness, and so doesn't entirely lose points on that account.

2. The movie fails on originality. How many times can you sell the same actor in the similar roles, before you actually stop making money off of the concept? Looks like the bucks, literally, does stop here. According to the Financial ExpressJai Ho's box office collections have been Rs 83.28 crore till Wednesday (6 days) in India. In fact, Jai Ho's opening weekend figure of Rs 60.68 crore compares poorly with his last three films - Bodyguard (2011) did Rs 88.75 crore, Ek Tha Tiger (2012) Rs 100.16 crore and Dabangg 2 (2012) Rs 65 core.

Overall, if you don't mind the lack of originality, it's a good movie to watch, with light humor and action, good song and dance sequence and most importantly, a family entertainment package. We say, go for it.....

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