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The plan is made,  the tickets are booked, shopping for loved ones in India are in full swing and the suitcases are but ready. If you live outside of India and if you’re headed to India, we know what’s next on your list. Desi food!  After all, we aren’t “desi” if we don’t enjoy “chappan bhog”!  Yes, variety certainly is the spice of life for us “desis-at-heart”.  What follows next are the phone calls to friends returning from India or those recently there or those living there to find out the must-try places and the must-try food. So here’s the scoop on that....

Summer 2013

Must-Eat-At Delhi Eateries

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)

I grew up in Delhi. Through the school and the college years, loved the creamy Moghlai food that the North Indian restaurants there offer, thoroughly enjoyed the South Indian food chains that were around in the 1990s like Udipi and Sagar and saw the advent of fast food with restaurant chains like Nirulas and Wimpy- when pizzas and burgers became the staple diet of college students in North Campus and South Campus alike. For those of us who went to college in Delhi University's North Campus, know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that the Chole Bature from Chacha Di Hutti in Kamla Nagar was what Chole Bhature is supposed to be all about and that the Bhel Puri at the University Special starting point was the best you would have ever had. The Paneer Dosa in Sagar was the best Paneer Dosa ever. The Paneer Burger in Nirula's was unbelievable, just as unbelievable as the Chicken Burger in Wimpy was. The best Butter Masala Dosa was served at the Ambassador Hotel's Dasaprakash restaurant, and the best Lamb American Chopsuey in Berco's at Connaught Place.

The Hakka Noodles and the Chicken Corn Soup from the Chinese mobile vans was to die for, as was the Chicken Tikka, Dal Makhani and Naans at the make-shift shop in South  Extention. The Punjabi 'Dhabas' carried the best Chicken Curry and of course, there was the Bengal Sweet House in South Extention, Evergreen in Green Park and Nathu Sweets in New Friend's Colony for the awesome chat and sweets. Also, all the two dozen variety of ice creams (Kesar, Pista, Elaichi) that we get anywhere and everywhere in India compares to nothing else offered anywhere else in the world!


Since moving to America, every visit back home is of course, about re-uniting with family and friends. In part, it is also about re-uniting with my all of my favorite food. Each visit we check off the places to eat at as much as we check off meeting family and friends. With each year, comes new places to check out, new must-eat-at places recommended by friends who returned from a trip to India or suggested by those who live there. So this summer, since we were visiting New Delhi after 4 years, we weren't surprised to find that we have a whole new list of places to try. Here's the latest and the greatest Must-

Eat-At Eateries in Delhi-- 

1. Bukhara at Maurya Sheraton Hotel- Best Grilled Meat & Dal Bukhara (best you've and will ever have). It's interesting to see the Presidential (Bill Clinton) Platter, Hillary Platter and Chelsea platter there (yes, their

favorites during their visit there).


2. The Kebab Factory- Known for its Kebabs and grilled items again. Must try there is the Dahi Ke Kebabs.

3. Punjabi By Nature- Do try the Vodka Golgappa along with everything else including their large variety of 'Paranthe wali galise' Paranthas.

4. Pind Baluchi (or Park Baluchi) – Must try there is their Dahi Kebabs again.


5. Bikanervala- Ate there several times and tried almost everything. Loved it all- Sweet Lassi (comes with a thick layer of malai) in 'kulhar' (Terracotta cups), Chole Bhature, Raj Kachori, Aloo Lachcha Tokri, Vegetarian Grilled Platter, Dhokla, Thali, Hakka Noodles, Chilli Paneer, Ice Creams, Jalebi, Paan, etc.

6. Haldiram- Makke ki roti and Sarson ka Saag (only available in winter).


7. Mc Donald's- the Aloo Mc Tikki, Masala Grill Chicken

8. KFC- the Indian KFC is a must try- the Indian versions of the burgers and wraps are amazing.


9. Subway-again the Indian versions of the burgers and wraps are definitely a must-try.


10. Pizza & Dominos- their Indian toppings, again, try you must.

 If you get a chance do try the breakfast buffet in MoMo Cafe at the Marriot Courtyard in Gurgaon. For Rs 850 per person, you get the complete English breakfast, Continental breakfast including freashly made waffles and pancakes, North India breakfast of stuffed parathas (paneer, aloo, gobhi, kerala) and Chole Bhature or Puri-Aloo and South Indian breakfast of Upma, Idlis, Uttapam and Dosa- all freshly made, right at your table (see article below) 

Can't wait to hog in Delhi all over again come next summer!

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July 27 2013

Cross Avenue restaurant at Radisson Blu hotel, Greater Noida

The dinner buffet at the Cross Avenue restaurant at Radisson Blu hotel at Greater Noida is certainly a must-try eatery. There's an elaborate starters area with different kinds of buns, breads and chaat, there's a good salad bar, soup counter, over twenty different variety of Indian and Chinese enterees, custom pasta bar and over a dozen delicious deserts including yummylicious kheer and gulab jamun. My kids loved their Green Curry (it was better than in the Thai restaurants in US, they said). My personal favorite was the huge pieces of grilled paneer and chicken kebabs. There were endless choices for the vegetarians too.

Price you ask? We went in when they were having a special going on for Rs 799 for adults and Rs 400 for kids, but the price could be as much as Rs 1500.

We hear their Breakfast buffet and lunch buffet are worth trying too.