Narendra modi's maiden usa trip

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- I was asked if India is a country of snake charmers. I said perhaps our ancestors used to play with snakes, we play with mouse.

- India is a country of youth- 65% of the population is under the age of 35 years. "India has something that the others in the world don’t. It is a divine blend- the world’s youngest country combined with the most ancient culture.”

- “Oldest vs. largest democracy”: Mr. Modi gives it a slight twist to the comparison- America is the oldest democracy in the world, where people from around the world come to live. India is the largest democracy and Indians live everywhere he says.

- On mission to mars- "In Ahmedabad, it costs Rs. 10/ km in an auto-rickshaw, we reached Mars in Rs. 7/ km. That is our talent. We made all parts in small factories and achieved it. India spent $74 million getting to Mars, less than the $100 million Hollywood spent producing the film “Gravity”.

- I invite all to 'Make In India'.

- You would want to take your parents for a holy dip in the river Ganges some day. So help me clean the river Ganges.

- Gandhiji gave us independence. In 2019, when we celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 150th anniversary, we should give him a clean India.

- By 2020, when Indian celebrates 75th Independence Day, every Indian should have his own home to live in.

Mahatma Gandhi, returned to India after becoming a barrister on Jan 8th 1915. As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of that as the Immigrant Day, we should fulfill our obligation to our mother land. We have decided that the PIO card and OCI will be merged and people with PIO will get life-long visa to India and if they live in India, they will not need to report to the local police station. Soon American citizens will be able to get 'visa on arrival' and electronic visa approval will be implemented also.

- Long Live Mother India!!!

- PM requested all to watch a video on 'Ma Ganga'- the most worshiped and yet the most neglected river in the world'! "Namami Ganga" Mission - was introduced! Har Har Gange!!!

#ModiInAmerica #ModiAtMadison

(Watch full speech below, Video Credit: Modi Live)

Reaction To Modi's Madison square APPEARANCE:

WSJ, in its Live coverage of the event- "In his first few months in office, Mr. Modi has demonstrated he takes dressing seriously. He chooses Indian textiles and bold colors which echo his confidence and charisma. He’s had India Real Time readers vote him India’s best-dressed prime minister ever."

In an article titled, 'The Real Reason Indian-Americans Were Celebrating At Modi's Speech At Madison Square', Eric Bellman of WSJ says that more than 18,000 people were not only there just to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they were also there to celebrate their own success in the United States. The article goes on to say that the Indian-Americans see him as someone who could fulfill their dream of India becoming a country they would have stayed in. Some are even threatening to return. Whether India’s new prime minister has skills beyond rhetoric to help give the diverse democracy the level of success its expatriates enjoy remains to be seen. For now, many Indians abroad see him as one of their own.

The NDTV pointed out that Mr Modi "got a full-house reception… [at] a venue that rock stars dream of packing with a sell-out audience".

The Times of India reports that "Prime Minister Narendra Modi and overseas Indians indulged in a mutual love-fest that sharply etched the country's growing power and profile in the minds of Americans". Adding, "regardless of one's political leanings or affiliations, it was a matchless, unprecedented show that bespoke the power and reach of the Indian diaspora".

The Tribune says that "at the end of the event, it was apparent that Mr Modi was well on his way of becoming the new rockstar among world politicians. Few Indian leaders have mastered the art of showmanship as Mr Modi has done". However, it also points out that a sizeable number (of people present) were Gujarati expats, who had come to fete Narendra 'Bhai' Modi as they call him.

An article in the First Post website says "the audience was eating out of his hands. But what was interesting was how little the PM asked of them in return". The article goes on to say, "the Madison Square Garden event could have been a wake-up call for NRIs [Non-Resident Indians] to get beyond that Mr I-Want image. But it remained a stage show reminiscent of every tacky NRI community function in some school gymnasium just blown up to Madison Square Garden-size," it says.

We SAY ... 

We say, Mr. Narendra Modi completely lived up to every bit of everyone's expectations here at Madison Square Garden. He touched on every relevant topic of plans and progress. He invited everyone to get involved- be it to attain 'Swach Bharat' or to 'Make In India'. Our absolute favorite was his call to contribute in cleaning Ganga. The video that followed truly touches.....Namami Ganga ... Har Har Gange!

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