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Feb 20 2014

Neeraj Arora, the Man at the Business Realms at Whatsapp

So what's more interesting than Facebook buying Whatsapp for $ 19 billion.  The fact that an IIT graduate, Neeraj Aurora, is the man behind “all things business at WhatsApp”. Yes, it's true. The 38 year old Indian American is the WhatsApp’s business head. According to his LinkedIn profile, this 'Business Guy at WhatsApp Inc', who is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and the Indian School of Business, has in the past worked as Principal, Corporate Development at Google. He has been with Whatsapp, a company with merely about 50 employees, since November of 2011. Interestingly, his profile lists 'mergers and acquisitions' as his specialties and the acquisitions that he worked on at google were that of Zagat,, Slide, Picnik, Cleversense, PittPatt and Talkbin. Before Google, he was at Times Internet Limited.

Neeraj graduated from IIT Delhi in Mechanical Engineering  in 2000 and from ISB, Hyderabad area in MBA, Finance and Strategy in 2006.

At 38, this “self-learnt hacker” has two US patents under his belt- Methods and systems for email attachment distribution and management and Methods and systems for email integrated file delivery.

Neeraj has over 5000 followers on twitter. He recently retweeted Jan Koum's (founder and CEO of Whatsapp) tweet saying, 'WhatsApp is growing insanely fast in Russia: more than 10 million monthly active users...' He also tweeted an article titled 'WhatsApp Is Way of Life for Israelis' in Jewish Daily Forward. Did he believe Whatsapp will be sold out soon? Who can say, but he has certainly been quoted as saying that Whatsapp had no plan of selling out to Facebook or Google. But now that it is, obviously their 450 million users are concerned as to what kind of changes will this

(Photo Courtesy: Neeraj Arora's Twitter Account)

mean. One of his twitter follower did inquire,  “As a loyal WhatsApp user, I'm pretty sad it's been sold to Facebook. Privacy is a key concern, another is unnecessary add-ons to the app. (sic)“. "Nothing will change,” replied Neeraj.  So here's to hoping that nothing will change, unless, for the better. So if FB continues the free for an year usage and then goes on to waive the subsequent $0.99 per year, better it will most certainly be...

As for Neeraj Arora, he does our community proud, as do all the other Indians or people of Indian origin who lead or play key roles in big global corporations. We are going places, baby!

People Who Inspire Us

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