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Welcoming More Than The New Year....

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)

A new year is a fresh start, another shot at 'it', a clean slate to write on, a new beginning, a brand new set of 365 new dawns- whatever way you choose to phrase it, the underlying message is clear, that ushering in the new year means renewed sense of hope, laced with a revived sense of purpose and armed with a reinvigorated sense of determination. The hope of losing the extra pounds. The hope of making it to the next base in a relationship with that special someone or even the hope of finding one. The hope of climbing up the ladder at work or again, even finding the career you were meant for. The hope of guiding your child to his or her goals and aspirations. Yes, it's about so much more than just welcoming the new year. It's about giving ourselves a new lease on hope!
And that leads to the new year's resolutions. Here're what I suggest and hope to follow myself (feel free to share yours)-

1. Health wise-

To not eat restaurant food more than once a week (alright, at the most twice).
To not eat more than one little (okay, sometimes big) sweet thing a day.
To drink 8 glasses of water a day.
To do some form of exercise for at least 20 minutes in a day- everyday.
To not ignore any health issue.
To reduce each portion size by 25% if losing weight is the goal.

2. Wealth wise 

"Karma Kar, Phal Ki Chinta Mat Kar". (Do your best, don't worry about the end result). Yes, courtesy Bhagvad Geeta!
3. Life wise

Spend maximum amount of time with people who respect you, as in, those who respect
-your time (they check with you to do things together), 
-your feelings (they don't do or say things that hurt you), and 
-you as an individual (they don't say anything that makes you look bad- behind your back or on your face, they never exclude you out of conversations deliberately, they always support you and have your back). 
4. Family wise (as a team)

To always keep every single thing that you use, back in its place.

To always communicate everything that you feel and need to say by having conversations- yes, fight, argue, even get annoyed- but only in way of having a conversation. That is to say- remember to TALK, not shout or yell or whine or cry.

5. Religion wise
To have a conversation with God every single day.


But then, the new year's resolutions have the reputation of being meant-to-be broken. Supposedly, these we make and  just as easily break. But to not make them is equivalent to starting the new year with no hope, no purpose and no determination. What then is the point of all the reflections and the pondering that we did in bidding adieu to the year that went by? None at all, if we don't make these resolutions. So new year's resolutions we shall make and by making them, we'll welcome more than the new year- we'll welcome a renewed faith in ourselves.

And so I end with a note to self-

1. Take my own advice, adopt the above resolutions.

2. Keep them!


Good luck to me!


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