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There are certain resolutions that certain sections of our society must make each year until the time that the said resolutions are completely followed. Here are the new year's resolutions for different sections of the global community from 'desi' perspective. (Disclaimer- we mean no disrespect to anyone, these are common sense resolutions for the greater good of humanity. The resolutions that will change the world.)

So here goes-

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1. Ten that every desi immigrant should make. 
  • (Read what they are here).
2. Three that Pakistan should make-
  • stop "home-growing" terrorists, 
  • provide education to all- boys AND girls, 
  • strive to be India's Mexico, or Canada, or aim to grow so much that India in comparison becomes your Mexico or Canada ( nah, that's too much of a stretch, but then, impossible has been known to happen- history is witness. So what do you say- want to channelize all resources toward that goal? )
3. Three that every Pakistani should make- understand that
  • good relationship with India is good for your own good. 
  • education for girls is an investment in the future, the single most effective weapon for birthing good future citizens. 
  • terrorism is  never  good.
4. Two that every decent Indian men must make- (and those who are not decent, start there-be one)
  • open doors for women.
  • put the toilet seat down please.
5. One that every Indian women must make- 
  • stop "ladu-ing" (loading up) in 'sona' (you know what that is). 
6. One that every Indian film maker must make- 
7. One that every follower of Islam must make- 
  • work to give Islam a good name by condemning acts of terrorism wherever it happens, by educating sons and daughters alike, by criticizing any and every "fatwa"  calls.
8. One that every follower of Hinduism must make- 
  • stop immersing any God, in any public water body, anywhere.
9. One that every follower of Christianity must make- 
  • shun the belief that all those who do not follow Christianity will go to hell. We most certainly won't. Okay we might, but not for not being a Christian.
10. One that every person must make- 
  • be kind in every single relationship- parent with child and child with parent, husband with wife and wife with husband, teacher with student and student with teacher, etc.


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