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Just like we said in the previous part of our 'Ode To Mothers, Ode To Sari', our childhood memories of our mothers involve innumerable times that she catered to our needs, stood up for us, gave in to our whims and also how wonderfully beautiful she looked while doing all of that. We can always conjure up an image of hers during our early years. Those images in our minds, for many of us, are memories of her donned in a sari. That takes us to the gorgeous, elegant, intriguing Indian garment- the sari. 

Here we have few of the pictures that Indian Americans have shared of their mothers from late 1960s to early 1980s. Our ode to the mothers of that era, the last generation of Indian women who wore sari as an everyday garment, our ode to sari!

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Picture: Sushma Varma at her wedding (left) and along with her husband, Ravish Varma (right). Photo shared by their daughter, Rupal Mohan of Phoenix, AZ.

Picture: Rajendra Kulshrestha.

Photo shared by their daughter, Shalini Verma of San Ramon, CA.

Picture: Vasant & Meena Talim.

Photo shared by their daughter, Supriya Patil of Flower Mound, TX.



Picture: Jayanti Dasgupta
Photo shared by her daughter, Jataveda Dasgupta of Coppel, TX.




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