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Mother's Day is a day to honor our mothers for the love that they bestow, the care that comes unconditionally, the sacrifices made in a second, the stories shared over the years, the support supplied every second and for the countless other selfless acts that they do and for the words that they say to encourage, support, understand or simply to humor us.

Our childhood memories of our mothers involve innumerable times that she catered to our needs, stood up for us, gave in to our whims and also how wonderfully beautiful she looked while doing all of that. We can always conjure up an image of hers during our early years. Those images in our minds, for many of us, are memories of her donned in a sari. That takes us to the gorgeous, elegant, intriguing Indian garment- the sari. What better day for an ode to the sari than Mather's Day? 

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Here we have few of the pictures that Indian Americans have shared of their mothers in 1970s and 1980s. Our ode to the mothers of that era, the last generation of Indian women who wore sari as an everyday garment, our ode to sari!

Rupal Mohan from Phoenix- "I remember my mom's beautiful Banarasi saris- they had real silver threads on them. Two of her pink banarasi saris, my sister and I would wear for different dance performances when we were very young. My sis, who loves saris, got couple of then dyed in vibrant colors and still wears it- even after 40 years." 

Picture: Rupal with her mother, Sushma.

Sonal  Kulshrestha from Texas- "I remember that for performing pooja  (prayer) on days like Ganesh Vhaturthi and Teej, she would wear new crisp cotton sari. Even today I wear cotton saris for pooja- her inspiration". 

Picture: Sonal with her mother, Sushma.

Manish Varma from Ohio- "I remember how trendy mom was in her young days. I especially remember her yellow chiffon sari with black embroidery. In fact, my sister loved that sari so much that when the chiffon tore up from places, she got the sari 'transferred'. 
Picture: Manish with his mother, Sushma.

Picture: Bijal Haria from Texas, with her mother. 

Picture: Sravi Wadawadigi with her grandmother. 

Shalini Verma from California-"Growing up, always found her to be beautiful and graceful in different sarees. More on days when she dressed up for important events when she wore dressier saree. I think the one thing that strikes the most is seeing her in saree is what made me want to wear saree and look like her!
Picture: Shalini with her mother, Nirdosh.. 

Sanjay Kulshrestha from Texas- "My mother loved buying new saris. Her favorite were polka print saris. She had quite a few of those in different colors. She loved traditional saris from the South as well. Once she even ran a small venture with a friend of hers where they together held exhibitions at home to sell saris." 

Picture: Sanjay with his mother, Nirdosh.

Kalyani Bhat from Texas- "In the picture here, my mother is wearing a Ghadwal saree, given to her by my granny on the occasion of my naming ceremony. Since my mom worked, I remember she mostly wore silk sarees. She loved to wear bright colors, she would wear Indoori or Chanderi sarees for occasions and she loved the Kanjowarams and Dharmawaram sarees. 

Picture: Kalyani with her mother, Nisha.

Picture: Mary Jacob from Texas, with her mother.  

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Kanan Garg from Plano,Texas, with her mother. 

Picture: Above-right, Manibala Jonnalagadda's from Coppel, Texas with her mother. Above-left: Manibala's mother when she was pregnant with her.

Supriya Patil from Texas-"My mom has a wonderful collection of Chanderi and silk sarees. Unfortunately, the Chanderis are tearing, so for a couple of her wedding sarees, me and my sister have framed the pallu."

Pictures: Supriya's sister with her mother.

 Picture: Manu Shahi with her mother from Chandigarh, Punjab.

Indrani Banerjee from Texas- "Here is a picture of my brother (Sanjay) and me with my mother. It was taken on Sanju's Annaprasan. I was around 2 years old".

Picture: Indrani with her mother and brother.

Roli Mehrotra from Irving, Texas- " My mom has always worn thin, cotton (muslin) saris, with print and mostly dark colors- dhaani green, Browns.....but not black. Once I asked her why she doesn't like light pastels and her reply was because my dad doesn't like pastels. As a child I could never understand why she wears saris that my dad likes and not her!

She has a set of cotton saris that she wears 

for early part of the day when she does her cooking and most of her household chores. For the rest of the day, after her shower, she wears 'nice' cotton, starched (starched at home) saris, and she has always worn sleeveless blouses with her saris- that I now understand is a smart move because sleeveless blouses don't need sleeve adjustments like mine! 

Of course, moms are always smart."

Picture: Jyothi Charyulu from Flower Mound, TX with her mother (above); and with her big sister and mother (right). 

ode to indian culture

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Picture: Roopali Deshmukh from Freemont, CA, with her mother.

Picture: Nidhi Tandon from Texas, with her mother. 

Picture: Maria Kamath, from Texas, with her mother. 

Picture: Neerja Mehra from Plano, Texas, with her mother. 

Keep watching this space for more gorgeous mother and child pictures shared by Indian Americans from across America. We will keep publishing more such pictures here. Don't live in America? No worries, email us your picture anyways, at desideewar@gmail.com

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