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Update On Previous Story (below) ..

 PRIYANKA CHOPRA BECOMES FIRST INDIAN TO WIN PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS ...                                                Jan 07 2016

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Apart from sharing her picture and joy with her fans on social media (above), Priyanka had also earlier shared that her makeup for the evening gala was  done by Stephanie Barnes. It is reported that her glitter dress in silver with gold bottom was by designer Vera Wang.


Priyanka Chopra has been making news here in America. After making appearances to promote her new series, Quantico, she was recently covered by PEOPLE Magazine. The article lists 5 things to know about the Quantico star. These being-

1. That she is a former Miss Universe- that she went that path by chance when a photographer clicked her pictures while she was at a studio taking pictures for for a scholarship program for a university in Australia. Her mom apparently loved the pictures and so she sent them for Miss India. The rest is of course history. 

2. That she is already a movie star in her native India

3. That she originally had an entirely different career path in mind- that of an engineer.

4. That she was picky when offered a chance to be on American TV show- she picked this because she gets to be a female Jason Bourne.

5. That she doesn't let fame go to her head.

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Episode 1 starts with an act of terrorism that has just occurred, with Priyanka Chopra, playing Alex Parish, right at the center of it. She goes from being the top recruit at Quantico, an FBI training facility to being the top suspect in the bombing of Grand Central. From then on, the story-telling switches gear between current events and past flashbacks from the training days- very skillfully maneuvering through each episode of the season as the audience get to enjoy the suspense and the trill of the plot while at the same time getting a glimpse of the relevant sections of training that makes Alex Parrish a force to reckon with. 

The story is made interesting by bringing in a very diverse group of recruits to the academy. The Muslim twin sisters, the former accountant with a mysterious past in the Middle East, the ex-marine trainee who is not there to train, and so the suspense builds with introduction and unfolding of each character in subsequent episodes until you're hooked and hooked on good.

Quantico is a must watch series (now available on demand) for all and specifically Indians/ Indian Americans for Priyanka Chopra is inspiring as an Indian actress in an all american series. She looks glamorous, speaks in an exotic sounding accent (not a heavily Indian accent), and most importantly looks confident and not a least bit conscious of her desi looks for there is no reason to. However, you might have to be a lit bit patient. It will take you two to three episodes to get used to our PC in a new role/environment and to get engrossed to the point of addiction to the plot. 

Make Quantico a family watch event. It deserves that attention and certainly earns it!

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