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In keeping with the latest trend of releasing the entire season at once, Netflix released Season 1 of its brand new series, 'Sense8' in June of 2015. All episodes are streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Sense8 is created and written by the Wachowskis (of The Matrix Reloaded fame) and J. Michael Straczynski (of Thor fame). This is their debut venture into television/ Netflix series.

The series revolves around eight youths around the world, the "sense8" group, who can sense each other, share each other's skills, "visit" each other and practically BE each other. The science thriller takes you around the world with star cast from the region as well- there is Max Riemelt from Germany , Doona Bae of South Korea and Tina Desai (from Marigold Hotel series) from India, to name a few. Yes, that is where the desi angle comes in.

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Others in the cast-

Naveen Andrews, Jamie Clayton, Freema Agyeman, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Anupam Kher 


The series is a must-watch for three reasons-
1. The originality of its content
2. The international aspect of the series- the journeys, the stories, the international cast, the sites, the culture all add to the intrigue.
3. The suspense and the thriller certainly keeps you gripped after the first couple of episodes that appear to work too hard at creating suspense before unraveling the story-line for the viewers. 

However, the bottom line is this- as the series progresses you get attached to the 8 very talented young people, to their stories, to their spirit and courage. You find yourself rooting for them, you feel the joy when they help each other out by "sharing" the skills that they each have. Each story is unique and some tie in to the place they originate from. Sense8 definitely qualifies as a good watch. However, keep your kids away, this is for adult viewing only.

Kudos to Netflix- it seems to have found the perfect way to rope in audience from around the world, especially the billion people desi market!

Bring on season 2!! 

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