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Movie Review:

Shaadi Ke Side Effects

In 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects', the story of Sid and Trisha continues from 'Pyaar Ke Side Effects' of 2006, but instead of Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat, the characters now are Farhan Aktar and Vidya Balan, with the same names.

First off, the movie is NOT for kids- not at all. It deals with numerous aspects of adult relationship and so, is only for adults- more for concept rather than content. In fact, this movie once again supports our argument for wanting our Indian movies to be rated. Had it not been for one icy day, we would have have ended up in the theater with our kids. Again, this is (if) rated- R.

So What's Good About the Movie:
1. No guesses for this one-Farhan Aktar! The guy molds himself in a role with such fluidity that you can't tell the actor and the role apart. Farhan simply looks wondrous in the role of a husband who doesn't take to changes well, refusing to let time mature him into a role of a father- his hair style, clothing and even his body language is for this role and this role alone, and that too in a perfectly subtle manner that is pretty much his signature style.

2.  You got this one too- Vidya Balan. Even before praising Vidya, got to commend/ applaud / eulogize producer's choice of Vidya Balan in the role of the wife, not just because Vidya is an ace artist who takes on any role with a consummate ease but also because several women who don't necessarily strive for size 0-4, will relate with Vidya. She couldn't have done a better job of playing the role of a woman who transforms overnight from a professional, an exciting lover and a passionate conversationalist to nothing beyond a mother, when motherhood hits. Even more impressive than her proficient projection of her role was her confidence and comfort in carrying her body, regardless of the weight! You see it in 'Dirty Picture' but then you think the role demands it. It's phenomenal to see her bring that same sense of 'love thy body' in a role that every married woman literally is in.


3. Rest of the Cast. Be it Rati Agnohotri as the mother, Ila arun as the aunty, Ram Kapoor as the 'family man' or for that matter, Sid's bachelor friends- every single person together maketh a powerful cast!



4. The first half. You can just sit back and lol away in the first half as you watch Sid trying to cope with 'shaadi ke side effects' aka unplanned fatherhood. And granted- amusing, comical and hilarious it is. And aside from that, the movie forces you to reflect over how you acted and behaved during that phase in your married life, if you're married. And no doubt, to resolve to not do 'that' when you get there. There are good lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained for sure.

And Then What's Not:

As the second half rolls out, we, as the audience, are increasingly gripped with a feeling of disappointment. The comedy is gone, the romance is gone- no, the movie is not a 'romantic comedy' anymore. As the movie 'evolves' to encompass  other marital problems, Sid's role, to our utter disappointment changes from that of a husband dealing with 'shaadi ke side effects' to that of a husband and a father who's selfish enough to go to any lengths in trying to escape his responsibilities. Our main man is reduced to looking like someone who refuses to mature, to grow up. The movie seems get drag-y (my favorite word to describe loss of pace in Hindi movies), it appears to lose focus, even as the focus on Trisha's role is maintained throughout. Until the end and then there's the shocking twist  that leaves you leaving the theatre with 'What? That's too extreme!'

In Hind Sight....

As you chew on your thoughts, sleep on it, you realize that it's not that the second half was bad. After all, it does deal with an aspect of married life- an aspect that could even qualify as a 'side effect', an aspect that is probably not even that rare among Indian men, or for that matter men all over the world. 


 Yes, there are men who feel stifled when 'saddled' with household responsibilities and look for ways of escaping it. Those that succeed even. So, in hind sight, I thought it was not that far fetched to include that aspect in the movie. And that would actually mean that the second half was good too, diving deeper into 'shaadi ke side effects', taking a more serious tone. And there in lies the problem, the audience is not prepared for the 'serious tone', after all we went expecting a comedy. And the funny jokes were all what we saw in the trailer. Reflecting back, I even love the shocking twist in the end. You need courage to take a drastic step,

and why not? If a jolt is what he deserves to knock some sense into him and some express maturing, then a jolt is what he should get.


 I think I have said enough. Go watch this movie! Watch it, not as a comedy, but as a movie that tackles some difficult marital issues. And then have your laughs at the lighter moments! In fact, watch the movie with your hubby and other couples to increase the fun quotient while having some heated discussions. For that, it might make better sense to wait for DVD/ Netflix!

(by Sonal Kulshrestha)


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Jan 31 2014

Movie Info: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

So 'Dedh Ishqiyan' was an adult film and 'Jai Ho' didn't quite work out for you. So 2014 hasn't exactly delivered a family entertainment package yet as far as the Hindi Film industry is concerned. But hold on, there's one coming up in all of Bollywood's glory, with a truly talented cast and crew, genuinely hilarious scenes and script and a comic timing that only some in Bollywood get.

And the movie is...'Shaadi Ke Side Effects' starring Farhan Aktar, Vidya Balan and Ram Kapoor. The movie comes as a sequel to the Sid and Trisha's story in 'Pyaar ke Side Effects' with Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat of 2006. Although, first time around, the movie did not have much of an effect on the audience at all, the sequel, 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects', seems to be set to generate way more than a side effect because of the relatability factor. After all, what married couples haven't argued on the 'right' way of doing anything and everything relating to a baby?- including falling off the bed 'quitely'- haha. Suffice to say, with SKSE, once again, written and directed by Saket Chaudhary (Pyaar one was his directorial debut), and once again a Sid and Trisha story (of course, now played by Farhan Aktar and Vidya Balan), the '__ Ke Side Effects' becomes a brand. And we have to say, a brand, that is being marketed well by it's producers- Pritish Nandy and Balaji Motion Pictures (yes, the one founded by Jeetendra). Various promotional events included Farhan and Vidya's appearance on 'Nach Baliye' finale episode that aired on Feb 1st and Trisha (Vidya) discussing her side effects of shaadi with the female journalists on a brunch date. Not to mention, the witty posters that the production house has come up with to pull in the crowd (see left, bottom most). And yes, there's some mention of Trisha relishing amazing Bengali savories in Kolkata too on their FB page- so take our advice and don't torture your senses by going empty stomach. (Photo Credits: from it's FB page).

Music by Pritam is good and the release date, mark it on your calendar, is Feb 28th, 2014.


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